What web applications to use when discussing fractions?

When we start discussing fractions, it is worth acting multisensively and, apart from the lecture, use a variety of web applications

What web applications to use when discussing fractions?

First, ordinary fractions appear, then decimals, and finally percentages, which are closely related to fractions. Their frequent lack of mathematical imagination makes it difficult for them to understand this issue. Only numerous exercises, first of all graphic ones, will allow you to master fractions. What web applications to use to help students learn the next issues?

When we start discussing fractions, it is worth acting multisensively and, apart from the lecture, use a variety of web applications that will facilitate the visualization of a specific issue, and then practice and consolidate new skills related to the topic. On the web we can find a lot of tools dedicated to this issue. Often these are English-language pages, but all you need to do is use a browser that has a page translation function - and that's it. They can be used at school on a multimedia board or during distance learning. Especially in the latter case, this form of work will be very desirable.

How can i demonstrate fragrances for students?

Among web applications, we can find a number of manipulators that will allow students to demonstrate what a fraction is, illustrate their comparison, converting a fraction to a decimal fraction or a percentage. They are graphically attractive, and often have additional functions that allow you to conduct lessons without leaving the application. What I mean here is the ability to make notes or save solutions. The use of this type of tools certainly stimulates the mind of a young person to work more efficiently and remember better. In addition, the possibility of graphical presentation of a specific issue positively influences the cognitive abilities of the student.

The second group of applications are interactive exercises that will allow you to practice and consolidate the topic in an interesting way. Some of them can be safely described as educational games, because in addition to the possibility of practicing a specific skill, they are also great entertainment. And yet the student learns most willingly and effectively while having fun. In addition, during the games, emotions appear that affect the involvement of the student in the learning process.

Please take a moment to find out about the various applications I have prepared for you.

Examples of keypads;

Math playground service

Here we find a manipulation application. Thanks to the slider, we can create fractions with a maximum denominator of 10. We can also use it as a table, because we can make handwritten notes. This means that we do not have to use other tools during the class, because the application

It will also successfully act as an array.

Math learning center service

The application allows you to demonstrate what fractions are, but you can also use it to compare them. We have two shapes at our disposal: a rectangle and a circle, which can be divided into any number of parts. In addition, we can place handwritten and keyboard-generated inscriptions within the window. We also have the option to copy or save the image and share it via a link generated by the application. This means that the effects of our work can be used many times, also outside the application. We can also prepare illustrations here for use, for example, in worksheets.

Another interesting example on the same website is an application with a numerical axis, for which you can set any scale (integer, decimal and fractions). After selecting common fractions, we have fractions from the denominator 2 to the denominator 12. The most interesting, however, is the possibility of visualizing the addition of fractions. We can edit the component of the sum (green field), it can also be displayed automatically after setting the appropriate length of the arrow. In addition, as in the previous application, we have writing tools at our disposal, which significantly extends the use of this tool.

Mathigon service

Another suggestion of the manipulator that gives us elements in the shape of a rectangle or circular slices. The colored stripes divided into different parts (from 2 to 12) can be lengthened or shortened, which allows you to discuss mixed numbers and improper fractions. The application is also great for comparing them,

And since fractions - in the program settings - can be changed to decimals or percentages, its scope of application increases significantly.

We also have some editing tools at our disposal, which allows you to save your calculations in the table area. We have a handwriting tool, we can also create text on the keyboard (also mathematical notations - fractions, powers, roots). It is not without significance that the application is graphically very attractive.


The next five tools operate within the same website - just choose one of the applications to be able to demonstrate to students the issues of fractions, decimals or percentages.

An interesting solution is that - in addition to interactive manipulators - the website allows us to print job cards.

And one more example of an application that allows you to demonstrate to your students how to convert a fraction to a decimal or a percent (the choice must be made in the settings). However, this is only one of the many fraction suggestions that you will find on this site. Just go to the home page and select the "Fractions" option, and we will see a number of applications that will allow the student to practice issues related to this topic in a very attractive way