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What resolution is the best for PC Gaming?

What resolution is the best for PC Gaming?
What resolution is the best for PC Gaming?

There are different resolutions that you can use for gaming on the PC. Currently, the most common resolution is known as FHD or 1920×1080. It is generally a good resolution to game on and provides a decent balance of high graphics fidelity and good performance on older and newer cards alike. If you are running high refresh rate displays such as 120 or even 240 or 360 Hz displays, you might be using this display specification for gaming which is absolutely fine.

However, if you do not care about refresh rate and are fine with 60 but would rather have better visual fidelity, then resolutions you can opt for are 1440p and 4k. Both of these resolutions pack quite a punch and can look quite a bit better than 1080p. For comparison, 4k has jammed in about 8x times more pixel than FHD making it a worthwhile successor. However, with the increase in resolution comes the problem of having more pixels to render and manage.

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This generally leads to a high performance impact alongside extremely high temperatures in most cases. Generally, while better or newer graphic cards can handle it, you should not be expecting a lot out of older systems. But, you should also keep into account the huge hit on frame rates doing this will have. If you go for high resolution, expect to lose a large chunk of your performance which should lead to most not opting to go for it. For gamers, who want a more cinematic look and feel to their games, higher resolution seems to be the only viable choice which in most cases is true. Therefore, if you want to go for high resolution you should know its caveats.

High resolution monitors currently are quite expensive but are also of much higher quality. They usually have better color corrections and other features which make them a better match for gamers. If you have decided on a monitor, you should always look at its other specs as well to find out if it’s the right fit for you.