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What printer for a student? Highlights and Recommended Models

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What printer for a student

Everyone who has finished their studies knows that the basic material from which students learn are printouts, photocopies and scans of various notes. They can be obtained at copy shops, but a more convenient solution is to have your own printer. A printer for studies does not have to be a big expense. There are plenty of models on the market that are just right for a student’s pocket.


Which printer will be the best for a student and what parameters should be taken into account when choosing the best printer?

Ranking of printers for a student

Canon PIXMA MG2555S: an inkjet printer for the student

HP LaserJet M140w: laser printer for students

HP Ink Tank 315/319 – a printer with an ink refilling system

Epson ITS L1250: inkjet printer with ITS system

Brother DCP-1510E: laser printer for students

Printer for a student – the most important features

A cheap printer equipped with basic functions, in the long run may not be sufficient for the needs of our studies. Although we do not need high-performance and expensive devices, such as those bought for companies and offices, it is worth paying attention to a few features offered by devices that are only slightly more expensive than ordinary printers. They are mainly:


  • cheap inks, low printing costs
  • the possibility of refilling the ink in an inkjet printer
  • two-sided printing option
  • wireless connectivity
  • printing from mobile devices
  • printing and scanning speed
  • multifunctionality

Low operating costs

Can a laser printer for a student be the best solution? Unless you’re a student of arts or other majors that require multi-page color printing, then yes. First of all, due to the low cost of printing black and white pages. However, it is worth paying attention to inkjet printers with an ink refilling system, because some models offer printing costs much lower than a laser printer. If you need to print in color, consider purchasing equipment that has a continuous ink supply system. The prints will be the cheapest.


Printer with continuous ink supply system

Printers with the option of refilling ink – eg HP Ink Tank or Epson EcoTank, are printers very cheap to use. Which printer will be better for a student than one whose printouts can cost less than a penny? An additional advantage of the inkjet printer for the student is the option of printing photos.

Double-sided printing option

If you don’t want to bury yourself in a pile of single-sided prints during your session, choose a device that has automatic two-sided printing. There will be less papers on your desk and the environment will benefit too.


Wireless connectivity

Printing without cables is much more convenient. A cheap printer for a student can be equipped with wireless connectivity. Among the manufacturers’ offers there are more and more models equipped with WiFi. A printer working as a print server (in a home Wi-Fi network) will also work well when more people share the printer in the same house.

Printers with the option of refilling ink – eg HP Ink Tank or Epson EcoTank, are printers very cheap to use. Which printer will be better for a student than one whose printouts can cost less than a penny? An additional advantage of the inkjet printer for the student is the option of printing photos.



Not everyone is an IT specialist. Fortunately, printers are becoming easier to use. This primarily applies to their installation and configuration. Choosing a printer with an LCD screen can make it much easier to use the printer, especially in wireless printing mode and from mobile devices.


Printing from mobile devices

Did your friend send you scans of your smartphone notes? You do not need to transfer them to a desktop computer if your printer will be equipped with the function of printing from mobile devices. It is quick, easy and convenient. You can find these features under the names of Wi-Fi Direct, HP Smart, Epson iPrint, for example. Modern printers also often work with applications available on Android and iOS.

Printing speed

Sometimes every minute counts, including the one spent at the printer. It is worth checking how many pages of mono or color printing the device can print. 20 pages per minute can be considered a good result for standard laser printers. High-speed laser printers can print up to 30 pages / minute.


Most cheap inkjet printers only print a few pages per minute. If we plan sporadic single-page printouts, this value will be sufficient. However, when the plan is to print several hundred-page scripts or photocopying textbooks – it is better to choose a printer with the option of faster printing.




Multifunctional: photocopying + scanner function

A printer with a scanner and a copier is a good choice to quickly and cheaply copy borrowed lecture notes or selected pages from books at home. Copying can be performed even without a computer. In the store, you will find them in the multifunctional devices category. A 3in1 printer for a student can fully replace a copy shop.


What printer for a student? TOP 5 ranking

In this ranking you will find inkjet and laser printers that will be useful for printing a large number of pages.

Student inkjet printer: Canon PIXMA MG2555S

If you are interested in a cheap student printer, the Canon PIXMA MG2555S will be a good choice. It is a multifunctional device that works great at home. When paired with an inkjet printer, you also get a scanner and copier, which is a basic student package. It prints 8 pages per minute in black and 4 pages per minute in colour, the print resolution is 4800 x 600 dpi. Its additional advantage is its small size, thanks to which you will find a place for it in every student apartment.


Student laser printer: HP LaserJet M140w

The HP LaserJet M140w is an affordable all-in-one. This 3-in-1 student laser printer is perfect for black-and-white printing, scanning and copying. It has a capacious feeder for 150 A4 sheets and Wi-Fi connectivity. It prints at a resolution of 600x600dpi at a speed of 20 deg / min. The manufacturer states that even printing 8,000 pages a month will not be a problem for this model. This is definitely a higher figure than most inexpensive inkjet printers. The cost of printing one page is quite low, which will certainly be an important argument for many students when choosing a laser printer.


Inkjet printer with ink refilling system for students: HP Ink Tank 315/319

The HP Ink Tank 315 ALL in One model can be a good alternative to laser printers for less than a thousand zlotys. It combines the advantages of an inkjet printer with the low operating costs that are typical of a laser printer. All thanks to the possibility of self-replenishing the carcass. It is not only a significant reduction in operating costs, but also an environmentally friendly solution. This cost-effective student printer is a multifunction device. It allows you to print, scan and make photocopies. The multifunction printer allows you to print in colour at a decent 16 ppm with a resolution of up to 4800x1200dpi. Monochrome printing is even faster – 19 pages per minute, and the resolution is still very high 1200x1200dpi. A small but legible LCD display is responsible for the operation. The device will also allow you to print photos and has compact dimensions, especially compared to much larger laser printers.


You can also choose the HP Ink Tank 319 model, which differs in the colour of the housing (a characteristic blue panel in its upper part).


Printer with ITS system: Epson ITS L1250

An alternative proposition of a printer with a continuous ink supply system is the Epson ITS 1250. You can replenish the ink supply at any time thanks to the efficient bottles, which allows you to significantly reduce the cost of operation (up to 90 percent). The printer itself is also efficient, fast and easy to use. You can print from a laptop, phone or tablet. The high print quality even allows you to print photos. It is not a multifunction device, but students who are satisfied with the printing function will be delighted.

Laser printer for students: Brother DCP-1510E

A fast mono laser printer that can print up to 20 A4 pages in one minute. The print resolution in black is 2400x600dpi. The paper tray can hold 150 A4 sheets. In addition to printing, the Brother DCP-1510E also allows you to scan and copy documents. Importantly, this model is characterized by a low cost of operation (the starter toner alone will print up to 1000 pages), small size and quiet operation, so it will work in every student apartment.