Challenges come part and parcel and enable people to review and rethink their strategies.

We believe in a world where children can experience childhood with love, protection, and encouragement so that they can shape their future.

Challenges come part and parcel and enable people to review and rethink their strategies.
Challenges come part and parcel and enable people to review and rethink their strategies.
Q1. Tell us about yourself? My position is the leading role for SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan. With the board’s support, I provide strategic direction and leadership to the organization. I am also responsible for expanding its impact, effectiveness, and capacity. Cultivating good working relationships with partners, donors, government, stakeholders, and beneficiaries is also an area I look after, along with ensuring the operational efficiency and effective running of all SOS Villages and Hermann Gmeiner Schools across Pakistan. Q2. Tell us about SOS Children's Villages Pakistan? What is the vision of SOS?  We believe in a world where children can experience childhood with love, protection, and encouragement so that they can shape their future. We believein a world where every child belongs to a family and grows up with love, respect, and security. We do not accept children being left alone or exposed to violence, abuse, or neglect. The philosophy of SOS is fundamental - to provide orphaned and abandoned children with a family, loving care. SOS Children's Villages Pakistan was established in 1975 and is the country's largest private child welfare organization. Sixty projects have been established nationwide, of which over 32 are exclusively for orphans. The remaining are community schools, technical training centers, health centers, etc. SOS Pakistan is completely autonomous and affiliated with SOS Children’s Villages International, based in Austria, the largest orphan care organization globally. Q-2 What challenges do you expect there to be in this role? Challenges come part and parcel and enable people to review and rethink their strategies. Working for SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan has been an amazing experience. When I joined five years ago, it was hard for me to grasp the scope of the job and the complexities that are intertwined with working with so many variables. It was straightforward to transition into the new role with the help and support of my President and my team members. Q-3. How do you prioritize tasks effectively? One needs to be organized and proactive for an efficient system to run. And I think that my greatest asset is my proactiveness and planning for the future. Q-4 What creative and innovative things have you done in the last three years? Creation and innovation are only needed where we feel the system is not performing. SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan takes pride in an excellent governance system that is centrally aligned with the policies and procedures laid down by the National Office. However, many tweaks have been added to the plans, especially the digital presence, automation in financing modules, and online training modules. This is all a buy-in for the future that drives the organization towards success. Q3.   What makes SOS different from other orphanages in Pakistan? SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan takes pride in our unique approach toward children. It is in how we put our fundamental belief "Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security." into action that sets us apart. To provide a loving home, you have to understand that every child is unique. Every child comes from a different background, has different needs, and has different dreams. We are different because we truly put the child at the center of everything we do. Our differentiators are:
  • individual child & youth development
  • family environment
  • reliable and resilient relationships
  • We know every child by name. 
We get to know every child and young person in our care, and each one has an individual development plan. We talk with the children and involve them. The individual child's best interests are at the heart of every decision.
  • We care within a family.
Everything we do is oriented towards making sure that every child grows up in a caring family environment, where they feel like they belong and where they can be a child. We also ensure that every child experience stable and loving relationships.
  • We stay with the children as long as they need us.
We provide support over the long term so that each child or young person can develop resilient relationships and face life's challenges in the future. We continue our support until young people are ready to become independent. Q5. How to sponsor a child in need? SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan is an autonomous body. All financing, both for the construction of new projects and maintenance of the children, is made possible through donations from the public. Allocation of children is made according to need by the Sponsorship Department. However, if a sponsor prefers a child in a particular project, the effort will be made to comply. Once a child is allocated to a sponsor, a brief history and annual progress reports are provided. The sponsorship scheme is an excellent way for the community to share the responsibility of providing for these vulnerable children and ensuring that they get a fair chance in life. Sponsors may correspond with their sponsored children and visit them. Many sponsors establish a close bond with the children, who, in turn, derive great benefit from this relationship. Q7. What happens to the children after they leave SOS?  The ultimate proof of our success is the assimilation of the children into the mainstream. So far, several hundred children have passed through our hands and are well-settled in life. They work in fields such as banking, teaching, industry, computer and electronic companies, the armed forces, and private enterprise. Some of them have gone abroad to seek greener pastures. Since the organization’s establishment, over 100 girls have been married and are happily settled. Both boys and girls return every year for a reunion and, otherwise too, keep in touch. We are always available to applaud their success or lend a helping hand. Q8- In the end, any advice to our readers? As responsible citizens of this country, we need to play our part in giving back. This includes social causes that one considers close to their heart. It gives immense satisfaction when we contribute and help people in need.