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What kind of sleeping bag is best for you?

What kind of sleeping bag is best for you?
What kind of sleeping bag is best for you?

A good sleeping bag can turn nightmares away from home into beautiful and comfortable dreams. However, in order to choose the right one, you need to know the types of sleeping bag and take into account several factors, such as your needs, budget, and how and how often you use them. See which sleeping bag is the best and how to choose the optimal one.

Ready? We’re going to the tents! One of the most popular family outdoor activities is camping. It’s a space where everyone can enjoy the moment. So, if you love mountains and nature, you should have a suitable camping sleeping bag.

We hope to help you choose the right one so that you are ready for your next adventure!

What should you remember when camping?

A sleeping bag is one of the most important items you need when sleeping outdoors. It will provide not only the necessary comfort, but also warmth at low temperatures.

There are some important aspects to consider before choosing a sleeping bag.

Things to remember:

  • Where will you use it? There are different types of outdoor camps, such as camping, trekking or camping in the mountains. The sleeping bag should therefore be well suited to the prevailing conditions, and not only when it comes to the expected temperature.
  • There are many different types of sleeping bags available, the price of which varies, for example depending on the material used, model or brand.
  • How often will it be used? Is sleeping outdoors your bread and butter? Or maybe you don’t even remember the last time you camped and are only planning a one-off trip? Everyone will find something for himself.

Why is it worth using a sleeping bag?

The reason we mainly use a sleeping bag is to keep it warm when the temperature drops, especially outside at night or at high altitudes and in extremely cold places. This allows you to maintain an appropriate body temperature and get a good night’s sleep.

You must be aware that the sleeping bag does not generate heat on its own, but only stores the heat generated by your body. Therefore, its tightness depends on the type of zipper or flap and the material from which it is made.

Which sleeping bag is the best? Characteristic

We will explain the characteristics so that, depending on the use and frequency, you can choose the right sleeping bag:

  • Camping sleeping bags. They work great in temperatures from 5ºC to 15ºC, because most of them contain internal inserts made of flannel, which ensures a pleasant effect. They are rectangular and have no hood. However, they are large and weigh about 2 kg.
  • Sleeping bags for trekking. They are effective at temperatures from -5ºC to 0ºC. They are slightly smaller in size. Why? Since they are often used at height, the small size avoids unnecessary weight. They often take the shape of a “mummy” and are seamless, without horns, which optimizes the heat generated by the body. They have adjustable hoods for protection.
  • Sleeping bags in the mountains. They protect against temperatures below -5ºC, and some down to -40ºC or even lower. They are filled with feathers, so they can be larger and heavier than other types.

Due to the material with which the sleeping bag is filled, there are two types: synthetic fibers and feathers. Synthetic types are easier to care for.

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Feathers are more comfortable because they protect against the cold more effectively. However, it seems that this will not necessarily work in a humid environment.

Classification by shape

The market also offers a variety of shapes. This allows you to choose the sleeping bag according to your needs and figure. And this is how we distinguish, among others:

  • “Mummy”. This type is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom at the feet. This design is more efficient in retaining heat because it leaves little room for air.
  • “Similar to a mummy.” It differs from the previous type in that it has an additional feature: more space around the chest and knees for additional mobility.
  • As the name suggests, they have an elongated opening with no bends. One of the straight sides has a zipper that allows you to fully open the sleeping bag-bag.
  • Coating in layers. Each of the subsequent layers provides additional heat maintenance.
  • Trapezoidal shape. Ensures that the entire sleeping bag is kept warm evenly.

The arrangement of the filling is also important. It is worth knowing that higher quality sleeping bags have H-shaped fillings or partitions, thanks to which the filling is even throughout the sleeping bag. This happens regardless of the position the takes when you carry it.

You already know that the technological development of the world has not left behind even the issue of sleeping bags. You can find many different types of sleeping bags, including some very specific ones, such as those with inside pockets or neck collars, among others.

So do not deprive yourself of the camping experience, condemning yourself to the night in an old. Now you know what to look for when choosing which sleeping bag is best for you.

Nothing but plan a vacation or weekend getaway and sleep comfortably in a suitable sleeping bag tailored to your needs.