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What is uniform education system?

The uniform education system is announced to be implemented in Pakistan by the year 2023. The program is set to take place currently for grades 6 to 8. The uniform education system essentially means that this would end the class-based system in the country as all children will get equal opportunities to excel. This is also known as a national curriculum or a one nation one curriculum policy where private schools are not allowed to teach their own curriculum and strict rules are enforced in order to ensure everyone follows the same rules and curriculum ensure equal opportunities.

The prime minister has made sure that a uniform education system at the primary level for both private and government schools will be conducted in April next year. These also include religious seminars for better religious education as well. The prime minister also said that the new generation will be fully aware of the teachers of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and will thus be better and much more informed Muslims.

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The new policy is said to improve the quality of education in places where it is lacking while also ensuring that everyone receives an equal opportunity for all students. It is important for teachers to recognize the vital need of one education system for it to be success as without their hard work and determination no curriculum can be taught properly. The federal education minister Shafqat Mehmood also commented on the meeting talking about the importance of a uniform education system. A uniform education system would essentially end the current way schools are being taught at where every private institution has their own version of a syllabus where there is no coherence between subjects taught between schools.

The government has taken a welcome step to ensure uniform education system in Pakistan and should thus be appreciated whole heartedly as it reduces the class divide currently found within the socio-economic classes of Pakistan which has led to quite a large amount of disarray in the recent coming ears.