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What is the Significance of Monkey Day?

What is the Significance of Monkey Day?
What is the Significance of Monkey Day?

Monkey Day is celebrated for primates and simians. December 14th is considered as International Monkey Day and is also known as an unofficial holiday in several countries which include India and Pakistan. The importance of Monkey Day is the fact that is used to inform and educate the public about primates, their issues, the various species they belong from and raising issues in their conservation. Monkeys are a pivotal part of our eco system in general and have contributed a lot in terms of wildlife and the preservation of other smaller species. What is the Significance of Monkey Day.

There are about 260 different species of monkeys that span across different continents which include Africa, the Americas and Asia. Environmentalists are quite vocal about conserving them. This day is mainly used for awareness and to tell people about endangered species that exist around the world such as the Eastern Lowland Gorilla in Africa.

Monkey Day was started by Artists in the Michigan State University. Then, countries such as the US, Canada, Pakistan, India, Germany, Estonia, the UK, Columbia, Thailand and Turkey still celebrate the day. Monkeys are fantastic primates and share a lot of similarities with homo sapiens or humans. Monkeys are known to be quite smart and their contribution to science is surpassingly unsurpassed by any other animal. Lab monkeys is a famous term coined for a monkey that is used in research.

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A lot of vaccinations and drugs are first tested on monkeys because they share so much of our DNA. After this, they ar5e tested on live human subjects. Monkeys while also being helpful in clinical tries are also quite helpful in understanding more about our ancestor and how humans have changed over time. Since monkeys still follow a hunter gatherer pattern, their instincts are still somewhat the same as ancient humans.

Monkeys have a diet that mainly consists of fruits and vegetable. Most of them are not carnivorous and are excellent in grasping trees and climbing. International Monkey Day is meant to celebrate everything good about Monkeys and trying to raise awareness about issues that are plaguing the species such as them being endangered.