What is the inner world of the school and why parents should pay attention to it

this issue, then you can face surprises. How to choose then? What is the inner world of the school and why parents should pay attention to it.

What is the inner world of the school and why parents should pay attention to it
What is the inner world of the school and why parents should pay attention to it

At first glance, it is easy to choose a school for a child. But, as the experience of many parents shows, if you do not fully immerse yourself in this issue, then you can face surprises. How to choose then? What is the inner world of the school and why parents should pay attention to it.

It was important for us that the school had experience, was stable and had qualified teachers. Teachers who can not only provide knowledge, but also develop key competencies in students.

We work in the field of finance, law, business management and personnel. In our experience, we have seen that critical thinking is one of the key competencies that allows you to work and find solutions in different situations. Not always 2 + 2 = 4. Especially in situations where there is constant communication with people. As they say, "two lawyers - three positions."

A clear position, the ability to make complex and informed decisions is based on the application of critical thinking.

Of course, an important role in choosing a school is played by reputation, feedback, how the school treats its staff. After all, the most important thing in any team is its employees. And, if employees get moral and material satisfaction from their work, are proud of what they do - it's cool, and it is reflected in the learning process.

Why did they decide to change the previous school?

In fact, because of a very common problem today. This is a problem of parents, children and teachers - bullying. In our case, in the relationship between children. We believe that every school should have a clear position and strategy in this regard. If all this is not controlled, not carried out, then there will always be a moment of chaos, which is very difficult and sometimes impossible to deal with. An anti-bullying policy has been developed and is being implemented in our school, and attention is being paid to this issue.

What to look for when choosing a school

Necessarily for the purpose of the school, the inner world, the peculiarities of the interaction between teachers and students, what the school provides in addition to knowledge. We were interested in whether the school develops competencies, whether the child can implement their ideas, whether he feels protected.

It is very important that the school has values. But they did not just exist declaratively, but were introduced into the educational process. That the school lived by them.

It is necessary to teach children to value and respect others. When they grow up, thanks to this quality it will be easier to find a common language with others, they will see personalities in their colleagues, they will be able to communicate well. After all, no best machine and no program is worth anything without people.

What changes have occurred in the child

He wants to go to school. One day my son said, "Mom, I've only been at this school for two weeks, and I'm so creative." There is freedom for children, my son is interesting. He is passionate about additional subjects such as robotics, financial literacy. They noticed that he had a lot of ideas and he was not afraid to voice them, he became more free and confident. He likes that at school you can constantly gush with ideas.

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Does your son inspire you with his ideas, suggestions for solving some issues, maybe even workers?

Of course. He is in the constant process of developing ideas for startups. Constantly invents some fantastic smart home systems. He has now switched to design and architecture. On the platform, Minecraft does extensive planning with the selection of materials. Maybe in the near future we will see a new architect or project manager.

His ideas and some suggestions have a right to life and can be embodied in the design of a dream home.

Do you often discuss with your son the topics he attended at school?

Discussions, interesting dialogues and defending one's point of view have become a common process for our family. "I think so, I think so, I was told, I studied, and you know what¦" Every day something new - programming, robotics, mathematics.

What mistakes do you think parents make when choosing a school?

One of the main mistakes is that parents pay attention only to the appearance of the school. If everything is very good, then the right school. This is of course important, but not in the first place. In addition to the external picture, there is also the internal world of the school. Before entering, you should be interested in them in the first place.

Here are some tips for parents looking for a school for their children. How to choose?

Learn as much information as possible about how children interact with each other and with teachers; how the school reacts to some critical moments; what are the rules for children, additional items and opportunities. It's great when the school is organized in such a way that the child can reveal himself and develop his talents as much as possible.

By the way, we as parents noted for ourselves that the school should be big. Why? It also affects the child's socialization: younger students can observe the older ones, and those in turn can help the younger ones. When the school is large, the child then learns to communicate with more children, in a larger space.

And finally - look for a school where the child will not just gain knowledge, but where he will be taught to apply them correctly.