What is human motivation for success

motivations, which push a person to action or conscious planning. What is motivation - in this article. What is human motivation for success.

What is human motivation for success
What is human motivation for success

From birth, the child develops physiological and physical needs. In the future, his goals, interests and desires determine the environment. Intentions are transformed into motivations, which push a person to action or conscious planning. What is motivation - in this article. What is human motivation for success.


This is a set of factors that motivate an individual to work with a specific focus. The concept of motivation is studied by sociology, biology, political science. Motivation is built around the needs of man and while he seeks to meet them, he develops and grows, moving to the next step of the hierarchy of needs. The latter are the main source of human activity.  That will meet his needs. Motive and motivation is not the same thing. The latter is a set of internal and external driving forces that motivate a person to act in a certain way. The motive is its stable personal property, which together with the needs, goals and intentions stimulates and supports the behavior of the individual.


A conscious desire to act, supported by external support, motivates a person to move forward and achieve their goals.








Emotional experience gives the individual the opportunity to quickly assess their inner state and existing needs, and accordingly build an adequate form of response. In the conscious or unconscious mental factor that motivates a person to take certain actions, is the concept of motivation, and emotions are in close contact with him. They allow you to assess the level of satisfaction of needs and at the same time appear as a consequence of the emergence of motives. When achieving this goal, positive emotional experiences are formed. Memory captures this and in the future they occur every time there is a corresponding internal motivation. Emotions arise in the case of a strong urge to act, when there are obstacles to the satisfaction of desires. In any case, they mobilize a person to succeed.


It is believed that a person goes to a higher level when satisfying lower demands. At the heart of a kind of pyramid are physiological, unconscious needs, and above is the need for security, love and recognition, self-actualization, understanding, and so on.

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Motivation for success, which is part of the hierarchy model, has found wide application in economics. At the same time physiological needs are wages, sick leave, vacation. Security includes the organization of trade unions, benefits, safe working conditions. Next are the needs for respect, recognition, self-expression, self-realization, and others


The motivation for action can be external or internal. In the first case, it is due to external circumstances, and in the second - with internal motives. Types of motivation include the driving forces of positive and negative colors - "If I do this job, I get paid, or if I do this job, the boss will reprimand me." Sustainable motivation for action is based on natural needs - sleep, thirst, hunger, and unstable requires outside support - to cure disease, quit drinking, etc.


There are times in everyone's life when you don't want to do anything. Apathy and longing attack, life appears meaningless. The absence of any of these items leads to a drop in motivation. You can find it if you imagine in the smallest detail your desire, stir up emotions, predict further benefits.

To increase your confidence that everything will work out, you need to prepare for the difficulties: to gain new knowledge, if necessary, to find those who are interested and help. Instead of complaining about life, spend time and energy to your advantage.

Here are some practical tips:

Set a goal.

Take a time out. Sometimes it is useful to relax and rest a bit before rushing into battle.

Find something that will inspire and stimulate you to achieve your goal.


It often happens that one wish is not enough. There is no push, after which the process will go smoothly. Personal motivation will increase if:

Take the first step. As you know, it is the most difficult. Wanting to lose weight, do not think about how difficult it is to do and how long it will take. You just have to start.

Find the problem and solve it. To understand what motivation is and how to increase it, you need to identify the cause that prevents you from achieving the desired and eliminate it. Learn a foreign language if you need to communicate with foreign colleagues.

Do not compare yourself with others, but take your own height. In life as in sports, the strongest wins, but everyone has different resources and physical capabilities.


This theme can be traced in many paintings. Here are some of them:

"Reach for the heavens." The film makes you think about the meaning of life, about what means a person chooses on the way to his goal. Motivation for success appears when the heroes realize that life is finite and sooner or later death will catch up with everyone.

"Green Mile" - one of the best creations of cinema. It is a picture of deception and betrayal, philanthropy and compassion. In it the passions and fears of heroes are intertwined, but good as a result defeats evil.

"Millionaire from the slums." The concept of what motivation is revealed in the picture in full. The poor boy goes through a path that you do not wish on anyone and becomes a real person, a strong and confident person.