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What is high throughput screening?

What is high throughput screening?
What is high throughput screening?

High Throughput screening is used to run millions and billions of chemical or biological tests in a very short period. Mainly, it is used in finding out drugs and their combinations with each other also known as drug discovery. It allows the testing of large compounds for specific biological target. The process is completely automated, and the methods are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry and it leverages robotics to its power to test the biological activities and drugs and several molecules too.

Target analysis sis done in an extended scale so that compound libraries and general screening can be done in a very effective manner. The main goal of High throughput screening is by identifying compounds using library screenings. Candidates are used to affect the target in a certain manner which is known as hits or leads. Usually this is achieved by employing liquid handling devices, plate detectors and readers while using dedicated software for data processing. High Throughput Screening processes do not identify drugs usually.

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There are several properties that are needed to the development of a new drug for library screening. High Throughput Screening evaluate bioavailability. The basic steps of high throughput screening are by preparing samples and compound libraries, and configuring workstations using acquisition and handling of data. They are used on a cellular or biochemical nature, high throughput necessities so that data can be output in arrayed format. Automation is a very pivotal factor of HTS as it is used to convert high amounts of data in a platform. The data’s scope is sued to identify certain metrics in a drug or biochemical screening. These metrics and scope are sued to produce drugs and effective vaccines as well.

The use high throughput screening in the medicinal world has led to the creation of effective drugs and vaccines in short periods of time. But it has also led to the research method being extremely expensive as it demands on machinery not every company can afford.