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What is freelancing?

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is all about offering services as a self-employed individual. Freelancers usually work from home, obliging multiple customers at a time. Freelancing is a way to earn money per hour or per day as per the requirement and nature of the work. Freelancing is for short-term services however, if the customer and the freelancer get along it can turn into a long-term working relationship. As a freelancer is an official employee of any company, he can be contracted for work.

Often freelancers are working for more than customers and on various projects yet, some contractors restrict the person they hire to not take up any other project until he finishes theirs. Some most prevalent freelancing jobs fall withing creative industries like copywriting, graphic designing, photography or website development. But that does not mean that freelancers cannot work for any other service-based industry. Freelancers are also available to create content for websites, catering services, consulting and translation.

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There are multiple websites that hire freelancers for their trustworthy customers. These sites are highly reliable and over time when someone gains expertise in their relevant field, these websites pay their freelancers pretty good amounts. Among such sites include, Fiverr and Skillshare. The term freelancing does not enjoy exact legal status unlike sole trader. Some rewards for freelancer work include a work schedule that is flexible.

One can decide their work hours or set one’s own schedule that may fit around their other commitments. Freelancers have a variety of choices; they can choose their clients, pick projects of their choice and their area of work is less confined. Among the disadvantages include less stability of work which results in less stable financial conditions. As compared with regular employees, freelancers have no guarantee of insurance and pension, they are solely responsible for their benefits and perks which are totally momentary.