What is a turnkey site?

of their online resource. In such cases it is necessary to address at once to professionals of the business. What is a turnkey site.

What is a turnkey site?
What is a turnkey site?

There is a lot of material on the Internet to create a turnkey site yourself. But practice shows that not all people can understand how to configure, optimize, fill and organize the protection of their online resources. In such cases, it is necessary to address at once to professionals of the business. What is a turnkey site?

If mistakes are made, they will have to be corrected or a new site will be created from scratch. This will significantly increase the cost of services, effort, and time. Therefore, many users prefer to immediately order a turnkey site.

Features of the service

Website development implies that the customer receives a full range of services for creating, configuring, and optimizing their online resource. This is very beneficial for those who want to create their own online store. A person needs to find only an experienced specialist who will be able to cope with the task before him. This will save a lot of time and spend it to your advantage. After a while, the man will be able to get a ready-made resource that will fully meet all requests.

The process of creating a resource looks like this:

  • The client and the customer communicate with each other;
  • The technical task is issued.
  • An original design of the resource is created.
  • Its layout is carried out; Hosting is selected.
  • Content is optimized and filled.
  • All settings are performed.
  • The resource in search engines is promoted.

The quality of all work will depend on the accuracy of the tasks. Therefore, it is important to pay enough attention to the development of the technical task.

Advantages of turnkey site development

An experienced developer will create a service from scratch. All the customer has to do is announce their goals and express their wishes about the interface and exterior design. There are the following advantages of developing an online service from the beginning:

  • Save time. Each team member will work in parallel. This allows you to create a resource quickly.
  • An integrated approach. A whole team of experienced specialists creates the service. Each of them carefully considers each stage of work.
  • Original interface. The exterior design should clearly convey the essence of the business and the services offered by the company. Developers think through the brand, take quality photos, use special chips.

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  • Excellent quality. Experienced people create an online resource. To evaluate their work, you can view the portfolio on the website of the web studio.
  • The cost of such a service is much lower than when paying for each stage separately.
  • Website development is a responsible business that needs to be taken seriously. Depending on the tasks, you can create a different service.

Types of turnkey sites

 No matter what services you provide, the main thing is to create a quality online platform. There are the following types of sites:

  • Online store, which consists of a catalog of goods, a form for ordering services, a basket, and a section on payment and delivery. The more complex the structure, the more effort will have to be spent on maintaining efficiency.
  • A landing page is a resource of only one page, which contains a description of each category of goods and their benefits. An order form and a call to purchase this service can be placed here. It is suitable for the sale of one product.
  • The corporate site can contain advantages about the organization, the list of services, information on cost. All information is grouped by specific topics. May include an organization's blog.
  • Business cards consist of one or two pages. It helps a person to understand what the company does, the cost of its services get contacts. This option is suitable for customers who cannot afford to order the development of a full-fledged site.
  • The directory can include many sections. On its pages, the user can get acquainted with the services or products of the organization get additional information.

Turnkey Sites

Turnkey sites can be created by both freelancers and web studios. There are a lot of announcements about the creation of sites on the exchanges. You just need to be prepared for the fact that the performer may not be very qualified and responsible. It is better not to waste your time, and immediately contact the organization.

On the site you can get acquainted with its portfolio, the nuances of cooperation, chat with company managers. The customer can be confident in the end result of the work and each web studio values ‹‹its reputation and tries to perform quality tasks set by the client. In addition, an agreement will be concluded with the institution, which will specify all the nuances of cooperation.