What happens after my degree?

strategy. Here we give our best tips on how you can think to get the best conditions after graduation. What happens after my degree.

What happens after my degree?
What happens after my degree?

Are you graduating soon and feeling a little lost? As the countdown progresses, so does the dreaded what-happens-after-graduation anxiety. But just take it easy! The key to a flying start right after your studies is to get yourself a strategy. Here we give our best tips on how you can think to get the best conditions after graduation. What happens after my degree.

At the same time as the last exams are to be written and the essays are submitted, you also need to decide what to do after your degree. Are you looking for a trainee program, make money in Norway, look for a job, study further or take a turn to Australia? Instead of getting anxious about all the decisions that need to be made, think about where you see yourself in 4-7 years and set up a strategy for what you need to do to get there. No matter how far you have come in the thought process, it is always an advantage to book a meeting with a study and career counselor, it is both free and unconditional.

You are tired of school and want to work after graduation

Get the best conditions to get a job, a few simple tips:

  • Take your time - see the job search as a full-time job!
  • Become attractive online! Register and update your profile on social media and professional networks. Read more about how you can use your social media in your job search, and how to increase the chances that recruiters will find your LinkedIn profile.
  • Use your network! Ask friends and acquaintances to let you know if a service for you shows up.
  • Apply for a job where they are looking for new graduates. Even trainee programs and working as a consultant are a step in for you who may not have much work experience.
  • Stay one step ahead! Create a job monitor at Academic Work and receive emails as soon as an interesting job appears.

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When should I apply for a job?

While some organizations advertise services one year in advance, others advertise just a few weeks before appointment. It is therefore better to start looking for a job too early and get a head start than to be too late. Of course, you can (and should) also apply for several jobs at the same time.

You wonder if you should study further

If you know what you want to work on, find out what you need to know. Get in touch with someone at the company you dream of working for or with acquaintances who have come further in their studies or career. For example, does your dream job involve a lot of work in Excel? Then be sure to prepare for it, whether it involves a course or a review by a friend.