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What does GPI mean on social media?

What does GPI mean on social media?
What does GPI mean on social media?

GPI, on social media, means “thank you for the invitation”. This is an abbreviation that has been used since 2014. As we can see, the first letter of these three words is preserved in order to obtain this abbreviation. GPI mean on social media.

Some abbreviations on social media were used for reproaches. For example, in this case, if the event is held and you were not invited, “thank you for the invitation” as a satirical rebuke. You would like to go, but you were not invited.

The popularity of this type of reduction on social networks and the Internet has been growing recently, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It is used in publications that include photos, comments or messages. Another of the most used abbreviations is Lol.

Instagram GPI

Abbreviations or keywords are increasingly used on social platforms. For example, an hashtag followed by an Instagram keyword often leads to posts: #Love #gpi #photooftheday

Knowing the importance of this type of incorporation can be especially important for people who use networks. We will try to resolve some doubts.

The first appearance of GPI

His first appearance was on Instagram in 2014. It was later shared on Twitter and then on other social platforms. In its beginnings, many considerations of meaning. Here we will rely on the use of gpi today.

We’ve already seen how gpi is used on Instagram. Now we will tell you about the importance of these in other social networks.

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For example, you can find many abbreviations and acronyms in English on Twitter. Each of them matters:

  • ASAP: As soon as possible (as soon as possible)
  • #FF: Follow Friday. It is a well-known tradition to tweet user recommendations on Fridays.
  • FB: Facebook
  • TY: Tank to you (thank you)
  • GTG: I have to go (I have to go)

Popular @ is a symbol whose meaning means “to attention” or to distinguish a particular person in the publication. On other platforms, such as Foursquare, @ determines location.

The main reason for the development of a dictionary adapted to networks is to save time. Twitter only allowed 140 characters to send a message. When explaining something with a minimum number of characters, you need to shorten the words.

Many abbreviations used in social networks have been approved and used in different languages. Others consist of the first letter of each word, for which a short phase is formed.

People who are not used to this type of vocabulary can have many inconveniences and do not know how to decipher what they read.

Other abbreviations are used normally

Other abbreviations / abbreviations commonly used:

  • +1 (support for the following).
  • GTG (I have to go, I have to go).
  • AFK (remote from keyboard, remote from keyboard).
  • OMG (My God, my God).
  • RT (Re-Tweet).
  • Thx (Thank you, thank you).

Other expressions used in social networks

Forever alone.



Stop for what.