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What backpack for a first grader and a teenager?

What backpack for a first grader and a teenager?
What backpack for a first grader and a teenager?

Buying a backpack for school is a real challenge. It must not only be comfortable and safe for the back, but also meet the requirements of a child or teenager. What should a healthy backpack be like for a first grader? What backpack for high school? Check out our tips and choose the perfect model for your child. first grader and a teenager.

Backpack for school – why should you spend more time choosing it?

A backpack and a school kit are the most important attributes of both young and old students. Which backpack your child receives for school will have an impact on their health and comfort. For this reason, it is so important not to buy a satchel or a backpack at the last minute or to follow only fashionable design, but to precede their choice with thorough research.

Backpack or satchel – what to choose?

A school bag or a backpack for the first class? This question keeps almost every parent awake at night. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of backpacks and satchels that will help you make your decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of a schoolbag

As a rule, a schoolbag is the best option for young schoolchildren. Due to the fact that it has a stiffened body and wide braces, it provides better stabilization, and the child’s back is not loaded. The simple design and the shape resembling a box make it easier for children to pack for school every day, as well as better arrangement of all books and notebooks. It is usually easier to keep order in a schoolbag. Some parents find that they are often heavier and larger than backpacks. However, there are many models on the market, the weight of which does not exceed a kilogram, and the ergonomic shape is slightly different from a backpack. It is also worth paying attention to the satchel with handles and wheels, which allow them to be conveniently guided instead of being worn on the back.

Advantages and disadvantages of a backpack

The backpack works well for older students. Already ten-year-olds want to look and feel more mature, which is why they often persuade their parents to buy a youth backpack. However, is this a good choice for a child? It turns out that the backpack does not have to be less comfortable and safe for the developing toddler’s spine. What gives it an advantage over the satchel is its weight. The backpack weighs an average of 500-600 grams and therefore eliminates the problem of carrying extra weight on the back. It also comes in many colors and patterns, is slimmer and looks less childlike. Unfortunately, backpacks often do not have stiffening and their straps are too narrow, which causes shoulder chafing and lack of stabilization. It is therefore worth choosing a model that will be comfortable, fitted to the figure, stiffened and contoured. It should also have compartments for keeping order and distributing weight. If your child is going to walk alone and is returning from school, it may be a good idea to buy a backpack with wheels.

Parents who hesitate what to buy – a backpack or school bag, should take into account the comfort, health and safety of the child, and not the fashionable appearance. If your toddler insists on a nice backpack that will give him the recognition of his peers, but may contribute to posture defects, it is worth talking to him about health and finding a model that satisfies both sides.

How much can a student’s backpack weigh?

Properly adjusted to the age and weight of the student, the school backpack plays a huge role in preventing spine curvature and maintaining correct posture. At school age, the child’s body height increases, and therefore it is exposed to the development of postural defects. According to the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, the weight of a school backpack should not exceed 10-15 percent. The weight of the child. This means that a 7-year-old weighing 20 kg can carry a backpack of up to 3 kg on his back. Unfortunately, the GIS data shows that as much as 58 percent. Students in grades 1-3 wear a backpack, the weight of which exceeds 10 percent. Their body weight, and in 17 percent. Students weigh more than 15 percent. Body weight.

What are the dangers of a too heavy school backpack?

The backpack’s gravity is directed vertically downwards. Excessive load on the child’s back causes deepening of the natural curves of the spine, which leads to the formation of a pathological condition. Too heavy a backpack for school can also cause scoliosis, lateral curvature of the spine, as well as pain in the joints, muscles, neck, knees and hips. In addition, it has a negative impact on the health of the arms that are not adapted to carrying heavy loads.

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How to protect a child from spine defects? Advice for parents

Parents should pay attention to how their child packs their school backpack. Heavy items should be placed at the bottom, in the main compartment, and light items – above and in the outer pockets. It’s also worth checking what your toddler puts in the backpack. Any unnecessary thing, such as a toy or an extra book, negatively affects the health of his spine. The student should also be educated about the correct carrying of the school backpack (on both shoulders), as well as the maintenance of the correct body posture. When completing the school starter kit, you should choose softbound notebooks – although there is a risk that the cover will deteriorate faster, they will save your child from carrying extra kilos. It is also crucial to keep the toddler active outside school, for example, enrolling him in sports activities.

What backpack for the first grader?

The first grade of primary school is the moment when the child begins to carry books and notebooks with him. For this reason, a backpack for a 1st grader should be roomy and comfortable. What else to consider when choosing it? Here are the most important criteria that a perfect backpack should meet:

Appropriate weight – a school backpack for a first grader must not be too heavy. Its weight should not exceed 0.5-0.6 kilograms. In the case of a schoolbag, the maximum weight is 1 kilogram,

Optimal size – both the backpack and the satchel must fit snugly against the child’s back. Its width should not exceed the width of the toddler’s body. The upper part is to reach the shoulders, and the lower part – to the pelvic bone,

Ergonomic shape – the backpack should have stiffeners with anatomical profiling, it should be adjusted to the natural curves of the spine. Thanks to this, it provides the child with maximum support,

Wide suspenders and belts – it is good if the school bag or backpack has adjustable shoulder straps that protect the shoulders, as well as straps (chest and hip) responsible for evenly distributing the weight,

Functionality – a backpack or satchel for a first grader should not only be comfortable, but also functional. For this reason, it is worth having two compartments, as well as external pockets where you can pack lighter items,

Eye-catching design – the appearance of the backpack is very important for the child. If the toddler is to wear it with pleasure, it is worth choosing a model that suits his interests, e.g. with an animal theme, favorite cartoon character or football,

Waterproof – it is worth choosing a backpack that will be resistant to weather conditions and waterproof. Thanks to this, both the parent and the child will be sure that the books and notebooks will not get wet during the trip,

Reflective elements – children who go to and from school alone should be kept safe. For this reason, the backpack should have reflective elements that ensure good visibility and reflect light from a long distance. A modern alternative to glare are LED diodes that shine in several modes. These types of backpacks for children to school will be the safest.

A good idea for the youngest students may be to buy a school backpack with wheels that can be carried like a suitcase. However, it is worth remembering that it will be convenient only if the route to the school is renovated and the toddler does not have to climb a large number of stairs.

High school backpack – which one to choose?

For most teenagers, the appearance of a school backpack is more important than its functionality and comfort of use. For this reason, young people are more likely to choose backpacks from well-known youth companies, which are fashionable and often seen in school corridors. In the last grades of elementary school and high school, girls give up backpacks in favor of handbags. This is especially dangerous because all the weight is on only one shoulder. So how do you choose a school backpack for teenagers to meet their demands while maintaining a healthy posture? First of all, it must be comfortable, roomy and stable. A teenager, although he is certainly stronger than a freshman, should not expose his back too much. Especially that the number of items, books and notebooks grows with each class. A high school backpack can have a similar padding as a children’s schoolbag. Thanks to this, it will be safe for the spine and comfortable.

It’s good if a backpack for a school for teenagers will have a universal design that will also work well as an urban one. It is also worth choosing a model with a special pocket for a laptop and smaller electronic gadgets, as well as an output for a phone charger.