What are the skills that 21st century teachers should have?

What are the skills that 21st century teachers should have?
What are the skills that 21st century teachers should have?

How should teachers be trained to be able to respond from school to the great social and technological challenges posed by today's society? We asked different members of the educational community what are for them the skills and competencies that teachers of the 21st century should have.

Everyone talks about the competencies that teachers of the 21st century must have in order to be up to the task of teaching. Use of virtual classrooms and collaborative tools; editing and content creation; application of new methodologies and even knowledge of digital programming are some of the keys that are asked of the new teacher.

The main objective of education is to create people capable of doing new things, and not simply to repeat what other generations did. Phrase that is becoming more and more relevant, but when put into practice, more doubts than certainties arise. How to be prepared as a teacher to fulfill this role when they have been trained in a panorama very different from the current one. And how to update having to meet a large workload, little idle time and a diversity of knowledge to acquire.

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Real influencers gathered the opinion of different members of the educational community about what is the new profile of the teacher and how they advise training.

What is the profile of the teachers of the 21st century?

Raises the role of the teacher as a mediator of learning. A role that intensifies with the incursion of new technologies in education, since a professional is required "to help the student better understand society and everything that happens in it."

  • The 21st century professional has to be prepared for continuous change. Make it consistent from the teaching to the practice of what it transmits. Able to detach from past references to provide new solutions and innovate
  • œThe teachers of the future are going to have to perfect some aspects that are already required of us day by day. They will have to be flexible to meet the needs of a child living in a globalized world, which receives constant information in a short time.
  • In this sense, the teacher must be thought not only as a mere transmitter of knowledge but also as a guide. And this demands a very complete academic training to be able to respond better to the situations and environments of the students.
  • Just as society is changing over time, teachers must adapt to it and train in areas where they can get more I benefit from everything related to the teaching-learning process. A clear example would be the need to acquire training in the field of neuro education.

Continuous teacher training is essential. As well as attending conferences and congresses to learn what other colleagues are doing and learn from them is always very instructive, interesting and enriching.

From Realinfluencers we want to provide you with useful information. For this reason, we leave you this brief survey on the main competencies and skills in which you would like to deepen your knowledge. Can you tell us what would you be interested in training?