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What are the Islamic sources of Education?

What are the Islamic sources of Education?
What are the Islamic sources of Education?

Islam is a complete religion. This means that it provides its followers with a complete code of conduct regarding life. This entitles that every Muslim must actively seek education no matter what. This education is meant to be both worldly and religious. So, in turn, Islam superimposes the importance of religion and education and establishes a strict coherence within it. Islamic education has many sources and the best source of which is the explanation and the understanding of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. What are the Islamic sources of Education.

Islamic sources of education have changed over the course of time and have adapted and evolved. Firstly, Islamic education was mainly done in Islamic schools where only skills and knowledge about the religion and nothing else was provided to students. Recently, this has changed drastically especially with the introduction of modern 21st century Education. Individuals have now dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of Islamic Education and have offered thousands of lectures for free online alongside proper citations and translations for everywhere around the world.

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Moreover, those who wish to want to opt for a more formal degree can admit themselves in numerous Islamic Education programs offered in various reputed universities around the world where they are taught about all subjects but major specifically in Islamic Education. This has established quite a unique dynamic within the Muslim world where modern day Muslims are equipped with the tools to tackle day to day tasks. The sources of Islamic education have also expanded in terms of kids as well. Long gone are the days where Islamic tutors used to visit the homes of children and spend little time with them teaching them how to read the Quran.

Nowadays, children can easily access everything related to the Quran online. Parents can enforce strict rules and regulations regarding the importance of Islamic education in their household to ensure children learn about their religion. This has led to the creation of a generation of Muslims who are aware of the world around to them while also being quite understanding of their religion as well.