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What are the advantages of Samsung Health?

Samsung Health is a fitness and health monitoring application which unironically is available on every Android phone including Samsung’s as well. The application is built by Samsung Enterprises and is one of the best fitness and health tracking applications in the mobile eco-system. The app features unique prerequisites for Samsung Phones with most of them having heartbeat sensors and other special features that are only present in Android Samsung phones. The Samsung health application integrates all of these sensors in order to deliver a very befitting experience. the advantages of Samsung Health.

Samsung Health offers a pedometer with perfect BMI descriptions while also letting you select calories and choose what kind of foods you wish to eat. Moreover, it has a sleep tracker that actively tracks your REM cycles and informs you of new core features to keep up your body fit and healthy. The application works in every form even when you hike, ski, walk, run sprint or jog. You can easily add your weight and body measurements into the application and track them as they change according to your workouts and daily regimen.

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The Samsung Health application also lets you manage your fitness activity and track your daily diet. Moreover, it supports third party integrations with applications such as TechnoGym and MyFitnessPal. There is also a ranking leader board system where you can compete with your friends in various activities and see who is the fittest amongst you all. It supports up to 70 languages and is used globally for its innate support of different regions. Best of all, Samsung Health is a free application that can run on almost any Android phone budget or not as it is not demanding whatsoever. The application is quite useful for individuals who want to lose weight or just want to track their fitness.

Moreover, it is also helpful for people who like going to the Gym as it lets them track their exercises and repetitions and makes a progress bar to show how much weight you have been lifting over the past month or so. Overall, Samsung Health is a great fitness application to have.