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Weight loss with dates according to metabolism

Weight loss with dates according to metabolism
Weight loss with dates according to metabolism

Dates for weight loss? Sounds weird, especially considering that these sweet dried fruits contain more than 290 calories per 100 grams. If you have decided to lose weight loss, dates will help you, but only if you know how to use them properly. To do this, you need to be aware of your own metabolism, and also choose non-stick fruits, not as soaked in thick liquid. This is not a fruit syrup at all, but a simple sugar syrup in which dates are boiled to store them better. After such processing, none of their useful properties remain in them.

  • How do people with a fast metabolism use dates?

For all those who gain weight easily and also lose weight without any problems, who are constantly eating something and are always hungry.

It turns out that those whose metabolism is fast can eat dates for days without affecting their weight. In fact, fructose and sugar are the biggest enemies of the “fast”. Yes, fruits are rich in fiber,

But even they are not able to keep the sugar level constant. Eventually, a person with a fast metabolism, consuming dates in the morning or as a light snack, dooms his body to an “insulin swing” and the feeling of hunger will catch up with him 40 minutes after such a meal.

How to use dates?

Only after strength training a separate intake of 50 grams (at once). If you eat the “sweet” for 20 minutes after exercises involving weight lifting, all the glucose will be “eaten” by the muscles. The result is that they will not hurt you, and you will not feel the onset of hunger.

  • Dates for weight loss for people with slow metabolism

They are designed for those who are slowly but surely gaining weight. A piece of cake would hardly affect the size of your jeans, but the “treatment” of depression with ice cream every Saturday for half a year will certainly add a few pounds to your weight. You can’t go on fruit and vegetable diets, you starve to death, you don’t lose weight. Also, you can’t imagine life without a piece of meat, and you love to eat sweets to feel better.

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If you are just like that, dates can be useful, especially if you do not eat them after a fatty meal. Every dessert eaten after the main meal is a real trap for you.

How to take dates?

Start your lunch with a vegetable salad without oil, and seasoned with lemon juice. Have chicken breasts or other lean meats on your menu. You can finish your meal with a cup of green tea and a handful of dates. Try to determine your portion in advance, eat slowly and do not use supplements. Do not eat dates if you decide to eat dessert after dinner.

Follow the rules and dates will help you keep your diet healthy. Their natural sweet taste, dietary fiber and vitamins in their composition, as well as the available fructose, will not only lift your spirits and charge you with energy, but will also restore muscle tissue after active training.

Combine all the elements of a healthy lifestyle and you will surely lose weight.