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Virtual University Education Overview

Virtual University Education Overview
Virtual University Education Overview

Virtual university is a reputed institute operating in Pakistan since many years. It has recently gained traction in the current pandemic as according to its name also, it operates completely online and can be accessed through anywhere. The university then has the ability to offer programs for a relatively cheaper price and still have quality education for whoever can access it around Pakistan. offering education loke this however, does come with a few disadvantages and downsides. Virtual University Education Overview.

firstly, virtual university has no actual campus. this means that students will not be able to access facilities such as a ground, proper societies, professor interactions, examination halls, canteens hostels cafeterias etc. This is problematic for students who want to have a proper campus love and enjoy everything that comes alongside it.

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But it is extremely beneficial for students who cannot afford to go out of their homes or live in rural areas where they are unable to come out and go to proper physical institutions. Moreover, the teachers and professors in virtual university are quite top notch and excellent since they are hired all around the region. Examinations too are conducted with home with proper examination procedures for laptops and computers where special software is installed in laptops to avoid cheating. Virtual Universities have another downside however which is the lack of a campus life alongside a social life.

As there are no proper class rooms per say, most students spend 4 years of their bachelors or two years of their masters completely unknown to the things that are happening around them including friends and a social circle. This means that students graduating from such virtual universities will be unable to have proper friendships and a social cire that supports them and helps them exceed their capabilities.

Virtual University does not have as high of a merit compared to other universities which is another plus point for students who wish to study there. The university is properly recognized by the HEC and is a reputable institute especially for those who wish to pursue a career in liberal arts.