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Using Zoom to connect with students

Using Zoom to connect with students
Using Zoom to connect with students

Every time an app is introduced that makes our life easier and better, people go crazy about it. The same is happening with Zoom. People are using this app extensively to connect with their colleagues, families and students during lockdown. The app reportedly has some privacy hazards yet its usage is not getting minimized as for now. As schools were the first institutions to shut down as a result of the spared of the corona virus, the teachers have been trying to find ways to reconnect with their students.

With schools introducing online education system, the need for a software that allows more than two people to hold an online meeting simultaneously was felt even more. So far, Zoom seems to be the best solution to arrange online class with one’s students on regular basis. Free basic version of the app offers a 40-minute long online meeting for three or more participants. However, K-12 teachers can avail the opportunity to unlimited meeting time with their students. After signing up the teacher gets email with button to start their account on Zoom. By downloading Zoom Client one can test the audio and video quality of their app.

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Scheduling a meeting with some colleague or family can help one practice the screen sharing and chat function. This will help any teacher overcome any hiccups before actual meeting with their students. Once you start feeling comfortable, you can schedule a meeting with your students. For this end, Learning Management System of Zoom app is used. The teacher can send the link to the meeting to his students via email or sharing a WhatsApp message in the school group. The message carries the invitation to the meeting as well as the password to join in.

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