Useful applications for time management

Do you recognize yourself? Then this list of applications for performance we did not in vain. Useful applications for time management.

Useful applications for time management
Useful applications for time management

Planning your business is an important skill for modern man. It is especially needed by schoolchildren and students who combine study with work or their own business. And they want to have time to meet friends, play sports and watch fresh videos on YouTube. Do you recognize yourself? Then this list of applications for performance we did not in vain. Useful applications for time management.


Price: free

It is important for any student or schoolchild to always have a class schedule at hand. In the Weekly app, you can easily set up a schedule of pairs or lessons. Items can be highlighted in different colors to avoid confusion. You don't even have to unlock your phone to check which lesson or pair it is. You can share the schedule with friends - just by sending a special code to your classmates or classmates. You can also add homework in the application: attach photos of exercises, receive reminders and emphasize what has already been done.


Price: monthly subscription “ 6Dollars

The simple and clear Productive interface is perfect for compiling lists of goals and objectives. In the application you can add tasks from the proposed categories. For example, from the category of "effectiveness" you can choose: "answer letters", "do not be distracted from learning", and from the "hobby" - "watch a new movie", "meditate". You can also create tasks yourself. It is easy to take a certain amount of time to perform tasks - in addition, a built-in timer. It is impossible to forget about an important matter now - Productive has a system of reminders.


Price: free

The iPlan application has a wide range of capabilities for creating complex and detailed tasks. It has lists for the day, tasks related to time and date, and even subtasks for particularly complex tasks. Basic or urgent matters can be pinned to the home screen. The app makes it easy to switch between tasks for the day, month and week and structure the work. You can also attach phone numbers to them, so as not to forget about calling a colleague or supervisor.


Price: free

An application for those who are used to writing down their thoughts on paper. In front of you is a virtual notebook where you can draw, sketch, add photos and create text notes. Large selection of drawing tools, different types of paper and a wide range of editing options. Very well suited for making plans and visualizing your own ideas.

Google Keep

Price: free

This is a virtual note board where you can write down your plans, ideas and thoughts. Google applications are very convenient because they are always ready to synchronize the entire array of your Google data, such as mail or shared edited documents. You can give access to to-do lists to an unlimited number of people, so it's easier and faster to do group tasks and make shopping lists. By the way, the message in the application can be linked to the geolocation, then it will automatically remind you of the failed task if you find yourself near the location.

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Price: free

An application for fans of checklists and habit trackers. Sports, reading, listening to business podcasts - if you have been looking for an assistant who can develop useful habits, Habit is perfect. In addition to convenient customizable motivational reminders and a nice interface, the application has a function to schedule your habit - you can show off your achievements with the mention of analytics.

Focus keeper

Price: free

Are you constantly flipping through the Instagram feed instead of doing things? Focus keeper will help you focus on studying or working. The application is based on the principle of concentration called "tomato method". The idea is that every 25 minutes of work you need to take short breaks of 3-5 minutes. Just turn on the timer and focus completely on your work.


Price: 3 Dollars

Another application based on the "tomato method". One tree appears in the virtual forest every 25 minutes (or more). You need to turn on the timer, and the tree will begin to "grow". But you just have to leave the program - the tree will die. Forest will help you make the world a little better - for game currency you can plant a real tree in the African forest!


Price: free

ToRound will help you organize your plans in a simple and clear way. You need to write a task, and a circle with it will appear on the screen. After you do it, the circle is sent to the funnel. The size of the circles can be changed depending on the importance of the case, and the color to highlight individual groups of cases, such as learning tasks - blue, work - green.

Tick ‹‹Tick

Price: free, there is paid content.

A handy tool for creating to-do lists. Allows you to set deadlines and set reminders, fill in and manage your calendar schedule, extend your tasks to other users, and more.