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Use Google’s New Blobs to Make your Own AI Opera

Use Google’s New Blobs to Make your Own AI Opera
Use Google’s New Blobs to Make your Own AI Opera

Google has been a keen follower of Artificial Intelligence and Deeap Learning. Over the years, it has developed many technologies that help people understand the powers and dangers of modern AI and Deep Learning solution. One such crafty idea that Google has come up with is introducing blobs that with the power of AI can make an opera song even though there are millions of combinations. Most fantastically, all of this happens real time as the AI understands the notes and makes the best composition out of them. Use Google’s New Blobs to Make your Own AI Opera.

The cute blobs load up on the screen and come in 5 different variants each for a specific part or chorus of the opera and orchestra. Each of these blobs can be individually controlled by your mouse where the pitch and amplitude of their voices can be adjusted by using the sliders on either side. After adjusting them, you can click on any of the blobs for them to instantly start playing music that is randomly generated.

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The most fun party about the web app is the fact that you can combine all of them to produce a harmony in synchronization together with the random notes you have chosen. I it she computer’s job then to understand those notes and apply deep learning and artificial intelligence techniques to identify harmonies within those notes and cross stitch them together to produce a piece that is both audible and enjoyable to listen for the human experience of it all.

Google’s Blobs have been rumored to increasing adapt and improve over time as more people play and fiddle around with them. Using Deep Learning, they can better identify musical patterns and with the huge amount of data being collected they can be used for analysis in the future.

Google’s Blobs have certainly taken the world bey surprise. The fact that AI can now generate musical notes in a matter of seconds without any external help is simply frightening and amazing for everyone involved.