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Twitter Shows Jammu and Kashmir As Part Of China

Twitter Shows Jammu and Kashmir As Part Of China
Twitter Shows Jammu and Kashmir As Part Of China

Social media users in India were surprised when they got to notice that their favorite social media micro-blogging app Twitter has suddenly started stating locations in India as being a part of the PRC or the People’s Republic of China. This first happened when National Security Analysts who were live on Twitter near Leh Airport were noticing that the location being displayed to their followers were being shown as Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Republic of China. This confused and perplexed the entire Indian community. Twitter Shows Jammu and Kashmir As Part Of China.

Other people soon got into the site to check if this was real and sure enough anyone who logged in and tagged their location as Leh were shown to be from the People’s Republic Of China on Twitter. This sparked outrage within the community as the ongoing conflict is escalating gat a rapid rate and stunts like this severely damage a country’s reputation and morale when it comes to being victorious in their peace or war-time efforts.

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Chinese companies have been resented by Indians ever since the COVID-19 outbreak and they have been hated globally as well as they feel like China was the entire reason COVID-19 spread in the first place. The border clashes in Ladakh with China and India have led to a large amount of hate spewing for Chinese companies. India responded to these sentiments by banning more than 160 applications that were made in China including TikTok from operating in India. One of the few exemptions was Chinese tech giant Xiaomi.

Xiaomi, however got into hot water of their own with the Indian government as people noted that the app for weather in Xiaomi phones were not displaying weather for locations in Arunachal Pradesh. After a lot of people using the internet in India complained about this, Xiaomi India clarified that the weather app used a lot of third party sources in order to siphon off its data and this was just due to a technical error which has been fixed now. Twitter in India is still facing backlash for their location change though.