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Top digital E-books of 2020

Top digital E-books of 2020
Top digital E-books of 2020

eBooks have certainly gotten a greater market over the latest years. Amazon has taken big strides in the success of the eBook market with the launch of products such as the Amazon Kindle Mini and Kindle Fire which are dedicated E-book readers. Today, we’re going to be look at the best E-books available right now in 2020. These books include genres of all kinds, fiction, non-fiction and others as well. These books help students enhance their learning skills while also improving their linguistic capabilities quite a bit. They are an important and pivotal part of the education of a child. Top digital E-books of 2020.

In the top digital e-books of 202, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series is not surprisingly at the top of the list. The book is extremely fictional and is set in a fantasy world where wizards exist and are trained in a school called Hogwarts. The book focusses on magical and fantastical creatures and its protagonist Harry has a very gripping story that enhances the perception of the fantasy novel.

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Another very famous book is the 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey. It teaches you everything you need to know on how you can be more successful in life, It [includes 7 habits that people must build upon to become a much more effective human being whether that is in the world of business, social belongings and gatherings or otherwise. The book also talks about and discusses the many shortcomings of people and it has been a best-seller for a really long time so its no surprise that the book is included in the top digital e-books of 2020.

The third book that is included is the Last Day by Luanne Rice and is included in the top digital ebooks of 2020. It is from celebrated New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice which is a story of crime and tragic loss. It is an amazing fiction book and is included in the top digital e-books for the year 2020 as it has been quite popular for a really long time