Top 9 online tools that use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence on this website, like the tool from the third point, allows you to easily edit texts. After entering the page, paste

Top 9 online tools that use artificial intelligence
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Let's take your everyday life and make it better with Artificial Intelligence! You most likely use apps like Siri or the Google Assistant, but do you know other uses and benefits of AI?

Artificial intelligence helps in tasks that would normally require human effort, thus saving a lot of time! You can see the benefits of using artificial intelligence everywhere around you. You just have to take the time to get to know them and see what they can do for you!

But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence is machines and systems that imitate human intelligence when performing specific tasks. They can constantly improve their operation based on the collected data.

In the following part of the article, you will learn 9 useful websites that use artificial intelligence!

  1. Open AI

The artificial intelligence on this site is able to write any type of text material for us in English. After setting up a free account on the site, all you have to do is enter the type of content you want in the search box in English, and then click "submit". At this point, within a few seconds, the site will write the entire text for us.

  1. Crayon

On this page, after typing in the search field any even the most abstract thing that we would like to see - artificial intelligence will generate this thing and show it to us. For example, we could enter the phrase "Yoda playing soccer" and this is exactly the graphically generated image we would see!

  1. Wordtune

This is an extension that you install in your Chrome browser and allows you to easily react to the texts you write.

One example of its use is when we are writing an email and we want to replace a word with a more interesting synonym. Highlight the text you want to correct and the program will give you suggestions for a different way of writing and alternatives. WordTune is also great for writing articles or social media articals. Just select a paragraph and click "rewrite" and the tool will create more suggestions for you to put into words what we wrote.

  1. Image Enhancer

This is a site that will help you fix all your low quality photos in a simple way. It doesn't matter if they are pixelated, blurry or not detailed.

Drop your photo in the window and choose between 2k or 4k resolution. The quality of your photo will be improved literally in a few seconds. Now that you're done, select the "download" option. You will be surprised at the quality of improvement. Improved photos are much smoother and more detailed.

  1. Magic Eraser

This is another huge photo tool powered by artificial intelligence. Magic Eraser allows you to remove any unwanted elements or objects from your photo.

Once you load the photo and select a brush size, you just highlight what you want to remove. Then just click "erase" and thus get rid of the unwanted item. Once finished, you can download the image in one click!


This AI tool will help you write any types of texts better and faster. You can choose your language, tone and use case through a simple interface. Select the type of content you want (e.g. artical), then enter its subject and select the number of variants, the level of creativity.

The tool instantly comes up with three different variants of your chosen use case. Rytr is perfect for creating content that we could follow/inspire.


It is an AI-powered chat companion. When you sign up, you choose your AI friend. You can choose between female, non-binary or male. Give your Replica a name and click "finish". And you can start chatting with your Replica.

You earn XP during the chat, then you can go to the shop and purchase and customize your AI-created "friend". You can choose different types of conversations, such as relaxing, playing or studying.

At the top right you have your wallet. The more you talk, the more "currency" you get. In the shop, you can buy a lot of interesting things for your Replica, such as clothes, appearance, and even personality traits.

Talk To Books

This is an experimental AI tool from Google itself. It consists in the fact that after entering the appropriate phrase or topic into the search field, the tool will help you find interesting books on a given topic. In addition, if you enter a phrase, it shows fragments in the book that talk about that topic. This is a great way to make footnotes for final papers in college. Google searches as many as 100,000 books for the searched phrase! In addition, when you ask a specific question, the tool answers it with excerpts from books. This is an experiment by Google to teach its AI how real people conduct a conversation and how it works.

Artificial intelligence on this website, like the tool from the third point, allows you to easily edit texts. After entering the page, paste the ready text in the left window, and then in the right window, it shown with underlined elements. Now all you have to do hs click on each underlined element to get a ready-made proposal for reworded sentences with the original meaning!