TOP-16 principles of creating an online store for its successful operation

TOP-16 principles of creating an online store for its successful operation
TOP-16 principles of creating an online store for its successful operation

Buying goods online is a common practice for modern users. Entrepreneurs are actively creating online stores. The success of the project lies in sales, and the growing traffic does not always guarantee them.

The main criteria for creating a profitable online store will be discussed below.

It will be useful to get acquainted with them:

  • Those who are going to open an Internet site;
  • Those who already have their own store and want to upgrade it.

  1. Niche.

People need what they want. Then they are ready to pay the money. The demanded goods are a guarantee of profit. Popular niches have been occupied for a long time, but if you can, you can bypass competitors.

  1. CMS site.

From this program depends:

  • how fast the site pages will appear,
  • how user-friendly the interface is;
  • functionality of the main elements of the resource.

CMS is required for administrative work:

  • filling the site with content;
  • editing and storing data;
  • Internet resource management.

  1. Promotion.

Website promotion requires the use of the maximum number of internet marketing tools. There are many options for promotion. But it is not recommended to invest huge sums at once. If one doesn't work, try the next one.

Here is a list of popular ways:

  • SEO (anchor, keywords);
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Price aggregators;
  • Mailings;
  • Retargeting;
  • Promotion on social networks.

  1. Usability.

When getting to the site, the potential buyer should be able to navigate without problems:

  • Find the product using filters;
  • Compare several positions;
  • Get a discount;
  • Evaluate special offers;
  • Make a purchase;
  • Find out payment methods, delivery times.

Usability without confusion is your goal. Otherwise you risk losing a customer. The buyer enters the site in order to purchase the product. Functionality should help him in this. All stages consistently bring the user to the purchase. Ease, accessibility of navigation increases the probability of returning the client.

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  1. Product card.

The description of the offered products should be exhaustive, but not boring. In addition to the name and details, this includes:

  • Enlarged images for detailed consideration;
  • If necessary - video review;
  • Cost;
  • Add to cart button;
  • Field for recall and question about the product;
  • Warranty information;
  • Delivery and payment notifications.

  1. Customer loyalty.

You can "get" additional buyers both by sales and discounts, and by attracting attention with the help of tools. The best scenario is to fully immerse yourself in the chosen niche. Prepare articles and video reviews regularly.

  1. Communication.

Contact information is not only telephone numbers, feedback form, e-mail, but also effective help of online consultants. It is convenient to receive the missing information on the goods in dialogue. The client feels anxious, so if necessary he will return.

  1. Accompanying proposals.

The selection of additional products to the already selected ones helps to increase sales. For example, when buying a laptop, the actual choice of computer mouse, bag and other accessories.

  1. Notification.

Even if the buyer has not purchased anything, you can unobtrusively ask him to leave an email address. When you update the range or the desired position appears, the potential customer will receive a message and return to you.

  1. Product testing.

Before launching an online store, perform a simple procedure. Add a page with a description of the product, set up contextual advertising and during the day you will understand how many people are interested in your products.

  1. Attachments.

It is not recommended to invest huge sums in an online store at once. The main rule is to offer the product to customers who are ready to buy it. Many "burn out" when purchases are made and buyers cannot be found. To this end, you should set up sales through various social services, and only then create a quality online store.

  1. Speed.

Store pages should load quickly. The user does not have time to wait. With a fast connection, a download speed of a few seconds is the perfect solution. Replace any photos with thumbnail links so that the image opens in a new window. Remove any scripts and items that affect performance. The right platform guarantees the attractiveness of your store.

  1. Communication by interests.

Feedback from other buyers and a forum where you can ask questions and get an answer, help to decide on the purchase faster. Advertising loses when there is information from real people.

  1. Design.

This point has its nuances. Simplified design does not inspire confidence in buyers. Blank pages with little text and images are repulsive. Busting with information is also bad. It is difficult to navigate among banners, buttons, photos, sudden messages. Obsessive advertising, coming out from all sides, annoying. The user will go fast, will not buy anything. The most open screen is another step towards successful sales. WOW-site design should correspond to the class of your services.

  1. Ability to adapt to any gadget.

Users access the Internet from devices with different screen sizes. Most often - it's a smartphone, tablet. All important elements of the site should be available. Special applications for common operating systems will help in this. The reputation of the store will grow in the eyes of the user, because it means that the team includes professionals in various fields.

  1. Corporate style blog.

For an online store, advertising is a thing of the past. What can you say about a blog in the hands of a skilled copywriter. Briefly mention the product, talking about its wonderful properties in a given situation. You can't insist on buying. Advertising should be native. Readers will begin discussions, and then the already shown interest will lead them to purchase.

When creating an online store, you should understand how costly and time consuming the process is. Make a plan and strictly follow the planned points. The result will definitely make you happy!