To help a web designer: 14 best tools for working with color

To help a web designer: 14 best tools for working with color
To help a web designer: 14 best tools for working with color

Choosing a color palette for sites is one of the most difficult steps for a designer. However, you don't have to be a master of color theory to choose the right combination. Here are 14 tools that will be useful for both web designers and beginners. To help a web designer.

  1. HueSnap

Inspiration can catch up with us at any time. The HueSnap tool allows you to capture interesting combinations of shades that surround us in real life. The decor of a hotel room or evening park can suggest unusual solutions for the color scheme of the next site. Just take a picture and create a palette with HueSnap.

This application is only for mobile devices, but you can save and share the created palettes with others. It also includes many additional features, such as options for selecting additional and component colors.

  1. Khroma

This is an AI color palette generator that adapts to your preferences. First you need to choose 50 favorite colors, and then the algorithm itself will offer other combinations.

  1. С

Coolors offers a wide range of tools for customizing palettes. In addition, the result can be exported in various formats. Coolors also allows you to be inspired by the work of other users. In the "Browse" section you can find many ready-made color selections that can also be viewed, saved and edited.

Coolors is available for desktops, iOS devices. Moreover, this tool can be added as an extension for Adobe applications (PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign) and even in the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Adobe Color CC

This tool is considered one of the best for choosing color selections. It allows you not only to create your own schemes, but also to be inspired by the work of others. To create a palette, you need to choose a shade on the wheel (or in the image) and apply the rules of color harmony. For example, sequential, monochrome or shades of your chosen color.

Recently, the tool got a new feature. She will tell you if the selected colors are suitable for people with color blindness, and whether they can be used as a background for the text.

  1. Colordot

Colordot by Hailpixel is a free online tool for creating a color palette.

Management is carried out by means of clicks:

  • Find a hue - move the cursor back and forth,
  • Adjust the light - move the cursor up and down,
  • Adjust saturation - scroll the mouse wheel,
  • Save color in the palette - click on the selected shade.

If you click on the switch icon, you will be able to see the RGB and HSL values ‹‹of each hue. And the mobile application for iOS devices allows you to capture colors with the camera.

  1. Eggradients

This tool offers a variety of gradient ideas selected by professional designers.

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  1. 147 Colors

To create a comfortable and readable CSS code, it is sometimes better to use standard colors and their names. The 147 Colors tool has gathered all the CSS colors in one place so you can choose the right one. It contains 17 standard and 130 additional names of shades. You can also filter the results by color or select with the color wheel.

  1. Canva color palette generator

This tool is ideal for creating a color palette based on a specific image. Canva is very easy to use: you upload an image, and the generator creates a selection of the five primary colors it contains. Click on your favorite hue to copy the hexadecimal value to the clipboard. You can also use the color wheel to create a palette manually. Unfortunately, this tool does not allow you to customize the colors of the created sample.

  1. Material Design Palette

With this tool, you can select two colors, which are converted than  into a full color palette.

  1. ColourCode

ColourCode is somewhat similar to Colordot, but contains more useful tips. In addition, it also allows you to choose different palette categories (analogues, triad, monochrome, etc.).

With ColourCode you can set various parameters on the color wheel to create an original combination. The finished selection of colors can be saved or exported in SCSS, LESS or PNG format.

  1. Color Calculator

This is a fairly simple tool - just choose the shade and parameters of color harmony, and the program will select the recommended color scheme. This site also provides useful information on color and combination theory.

  1. HTML Co

HTML Color Codes is a large set of free tools that include many comment palettes, color charts, Google Material Design diagrams, classic safe color palettes, and a list of standard HTML color names and codes.

You can also find tutorials and other resources for web designers on the site. The result can be exported as HEX, HTML, CSS and SCSS code.

  1. W3Schools: Colors Tutorial

If you are looking for a universal solution that includes a color guide and various tools, then W3Schools: Colors Tutorial is the perfect choice. With it, you will not only learn more about color theory, color circles and shades, but also be able to use various tools, such as Color Converter.

It allows you to convert any hue to HEX, RGB, HSL, HWB and CMYK code.

  1. Digital colorimeter (Mac)

With the digital colorimeter, a standard MacOs tool, you can "capture" a hue from anywhere on the screen and then get the value of that color in decimal, hexadecimal, or percentage. In addition, it allows you to copy the selected color as text or image.