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Tips to make your photoshoots much more creative from home

Tips to make your photoshoots much more creative
Tips to make your photoshoots much more creative from home

Make your home a photo studio and take the most creative photoshoots, without leaving home! You have to accept it: normality is something else. The house has become our office, gym, restaurant, and classroom. Why not also make it the perfect place to take photos? We give you the best tips to make your home photoshoots super creative with things that you will surely find stored in some corner of your home. Take out your camera, let your imagination run wild and pose with these tips and your best creative poses when taking photos!

  1. Drainer + light

There is a kitchen utensil that you can never miss: the drainer. What you don’t know is that it not only serves to drain the pasta, you can also use it in your photoshoots! The idea is that the light passes through this element so that the holes can create an effect on your face and body. You will have super unique photos!

  1. Homemade colored lights

Do you want photos full of colors? Too easy! You can buy cellophane in the colors you want or you can choose to use some translucent fabric that you have at home. The idea is that you put it on a spotlight and that’s it! Forget about the classic white or yellow light in your house and give your photos a twist.

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  1. A mirror is always a good idea

Play with the mirrors in your house! Whether they are small, large, square, round or oval, you can use them to make a truly magical photoshoot. Take advantage of the natural backgrounds you have: your garden, the sky or even the ceiling of your bedroom. Everything is valid!

  1. The projector is not only for watching movies…

The projector is a GREAT tool for creating spectacular backgrounds for your photos. Look for fun pictures, full of color and texture and project them on the wall. Set the timer on your camera and play with the angles.

  1. Do your own home study

First of all: find the longest fabric you have at home. The next step is to hang it or stick it on a surface. Decorate the space around you, collect all the lamps you have, put on the outfit that makes you feel sexier and you will be more than ready for a dream photoshoot. Play with the decorations and poses to make each photo unique and special.