This organism can also be present in your mouth.

This organism can also be present in your mouth.
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The picture shows a caterpillar-like worm (Sandy), which is a type of bacteria and interestingly, is commonly found in the human mouth.

We know that our hair, skin, and face are also home to microscopic microorganisms, and one of them is Simonsiella muelleri which has been mutating for a long time and has evolved to exist inside the human mouth.

It is a bacteria that actually looks like a caterpillar. Experts believe that this worm-like bacteria has changed its shape to live in the mouth of humans. This has given scientists the opportunity to learn how certain bacteria mutate and this research will also help in the development of antibacterial drugs.

But remember that there are 700 different types of bacteria in the human mouth.

Experts believe that over millions of years of evolution, Simonsiella muelleri changed itself from a rod or rod shape to a caterpillar so that it could live inside the mouth.