Things to Look forward to in the New Year 2021

Things to Look forward to in the New Year 2021

May the new year be filled with peace and prosperity to everyone reading this message. It is with great happiness that we here at Informal would like to congratulate everyone for the new year 2021. The New Year is going to be filled with exciting stuff both in terms of science and technology and in terms of World Politics as well. With the announcement of new phones, technology, sports and entertainment scoops we will surely cover them all and bring you only the best and most important of the news.

The new year is expected to be the year of automation and robotics, with the introduction of Self-Driving vehicles, there is a high chance that you might be seeing one on a road near you anytime soon. Autonomous Driving is improving at a rapid pace and the demand for it is surely there. Companies like Tesla who already make semi-autonomous vehicles have seen their stocks and sales figure rise up massively whenever they make a new innovation in terms of autonomous driving.

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Moreover, environmental conversation will be an issue of pivotal importance in the next year as carbon emissions and global warming continues to steadily increase raising eyebrows amongst the general public. The claims of the world heating up can be seen by the amount of climate change we have experienced with the past couple of years as well. The world will also be going through a massive change in terms of education with the number of virtual students reaching an all time high as months pass by and Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams keep improving day by day and internet connectivity in remote regions improves as well.

Tesla™s Starlink is expected to be coming to more homes in the new year 2021 which raises concerns for present ISPs who have spent a lot of money in their infrastructure already. However, better internet for remote regions will greatly increase the connectivity of the world. We hope that the new year will be prosperous for you and filled with happiness.