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The use of video conferencing applications in classrooms

The use of video conferencing applications in classrooms

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of parents were concerned about their child’s education. Due to schools being closed down and it being generally extremely unsafe for children to go to classrooms or to learn in a group environment; most were worried that they would have to skip a year and wait and thus would ruin their agendas for the future of their children’s education. The use of video conferencing applications in classrooms.

This all changed quickly when applications like Zoom, Discord, Google Meets and Skype were introduced into the education system all over the world. Video conferencing apps which were mainly meant for 4-5 people now suddenly could support up to 100 simultaneous connections all over the globe which meant that classes which had to be delayed were now being taken in normal routine.

Students who wished to go abroad but had to stay in their local countries due to the travel ban because of the pandemic can now easily take their classes online from their university and then travel there whenever they can.  This has led to a sharp increase in the amount of university admissions worldwide.

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However, this has led to another issue; individuals with worse internet living in rural areas are unable to join in on these classes. So, academics have developed the concept of hybrid classes where some students who are unable to attend take the class online while other who are more fortunate take online classes.

Video conferencing applications like zoom and discord have also helped gaming communities and other social communities stay intact. Regular chess club meetups, debating competitions, MUNs are organized by institutions to maintain a sense of community and belonging within the strata of this society.

This, alongside several other ways to connect within the classrooms mainly due to video conferencing apps like Zoom have led to students not falling behind on their education whatsoever but developing a new way to learn and understanding that there are different ways to gain education rather than sitting in a classroom due to the rise of video conferencing apps.