The Sony Xperia Pro 1 would arrive with a camera with a 1-inch sensor

The Sony Xperia Pro 1 would arrive with a camera with a 1-inch sensor
The Sony Xperia Pro 1 would arrive with a camera with a 1-inch sensor

The appearance and key data of the camera of the new Sony Xperia Pro 1 have been filtered in detail with the surprising fact that it will mount a camera with a one-inch sensor.

Sony is still in the smartphone market and, although the competition has passed over it, they have not stopped innovating in the photography section. Today it was seen that your new mobile device would carry a one-inch sensor.

The size of the sensor would not be the only striking thing, although it is the most important. To put us in background, an inch on a mobile phone sensor is something to note and that captures the attention of any user.

To date we have not known many companies that have dared to launch mobile phones with sensors of this size, although there are examples quite close in time such as the Sharp Aquos R6.

This mobile phone should be officially revealed today. The features that have been leaked are many and would be at the height of Sony's compact cameras.

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At the level of specifications, not much has been leaked, although what is expected is that it integrates inside a combination of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM and a respectable amount of storage.

What has been seen are a series of very interesting accessories. It seems that Sony intends for users to use their mobile phone as a tool to record videos at a more professional level than the amateur one.

These accessories form an almost perfect combination to record yourself: grip handle, mobile holder, microphone and an external screen to be able to see what the external camera is recording.

Another accessory that has been seen is a kind of virtual reality or augmented reality glasses. Of course, not much has been seen about how it works in filtration. We will have to wait until tomorrow to know all the details.