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The Second Wave of COVID hits Europe

The Second Wave of COVID hits Europe
The Second Wave of COVID hits Europe

The Coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be one of the deadliest diseases of the modern 21st century. It has led to the death of many lives and over a million have currently been affected globally. COVID 19’s first wave was absolutely devastating for Europe both financially and socially. Many individuals were stuck in their homes due to the lockdown for many months which led to great mental health challenges, job issues and a general lack of financial activity which led to the economic downturn of many businesses in the region. The Second Wave of COVID hits Europe.

The rise of the internet and online classes and meetings helped combat some of the many issues people who lived in lockdown faced. However, the loss of life was something no one could be ready for. All inn all, coronavirus took the lives of the young and the old and affected entire communities and families. Frontline workers were the most affected by the disease as people did not take proper precautions and follow SOPS.

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As soon as the infection rates seemed to slow down, people started rushing towards their normal lives, businesses started to open, and schools began teaching in classrooms again. However, this would soon turn out to be a big mistake ass the lack of precautions taken by the community at large would lead to a bigger infection rates than the first wave could ever produce. This is because a larger amount of people was now clustered around each other with no precautions being taken to ensure safety and health. This led to the largest infection rates seen yet with a large amount of people inn Europe now having to go back to quarantine and following strict procedures. The disease has spread far and wide in Europe and the death toll is staggering.

The second wave of corona has hit Europe and people now fear that it might sway away from Europe towards regions such as Asia if proper precautions are not taken in third-world and rural countries. People should follow proper regulations and guidelines in order to ensure the second way does not affect them.