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The Rise of Aggressive Tendencies in the Younger Generation

The Rise of Aggressive Tendencies in the Younger Generation
The Rise of Aggressive Tendencies in the Younger Generation

The younger generation is known to be quite aggressive tendencies when it comes to dealing with adults, or generally dealing through life. This has led to a great sense of confusion amongst adults and older people as to why suddenly the younger generation is generally much more violent and hostile towards day-to-day tasks and mundane activities.

With the rise of avenues such as social media, a reduction in exercise and the emergency of violent media such as games and TV films. It is quite obvious as to why children are getting more aggressive day by day. However, it is to be noted that not every child is the same and some do not show these aggressive tendencies no matter what.

Aggression in children or the younger generation can be broken down into several groups. Firstly, mood disorders; children who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder become aggressive very quick. Moreover, those who have been experiencing hard ships at home are also known to become depressed and subsequently turn aggressive.

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Children who exist in abusive households where domestic fights are quite common can be very severely affected by their home environment and may thus resort to aggression as that is the only emotion they properly understand. Children with intellectual impairment or autism may also manifest with aggression. These children are usually aggressive as they feel like they are not being understood properly. Children or younger generation with ADHD may lead to impulsivity or poor decision-making which can be interpreted as being aggressive.

These children often don’t understand the consequence of what they are doing and that may turn out to be callous or malicious when they aren’t just thinking. Lastly, trauma as mentioned before, is the leading cause of aggression in children and thus children must be placed in happy homes.

The rise of social media and web content has also led to children and the younger generation portraying violent tendencies. These may be from horror and gory action movies to just playing violent video games in general and thinking that it’s okay to behave this way in real life.