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The Quantum Operations device is able to measure glucose non-invasively

The Quantum Operations device is able to measure glucose non-invasively

A startup from Japan, Quantum Operations, will demonstrate a bracelet that can measure non-invasive glucose levels. The presentation will take place at CES Unveiled, CES 2022 and Showstoppers. Last year, they demonstrated a prototype device. It will be recalled that Movano Ring will be shown at CES 2022, which will also be able to control glucose levels and blood pressure.

Non-invasive glucose monitoring is considered the holy grail of diabetes treatment. Many well-known brands have tried to solve this problem. At present, patients with diabetes still do not have a better and more accurate alternative to skin piercing.

There have been rumors for some time that Apple is working on sensors that non-invasively and continuously monitor blood sugar levels. The company’s desire to develop sensors was motivated by the own problems of Steve Jobs, who in the last years of his life struggled with diabetes and cancer. Because he hated injections to draw blood, Jobs commissioned Apple’s research team to develop a non-invasive glucose monitor with technology that could potentially be built into a watch. However, as we can see, this is not so easy to do.

Quantum Operations is a non-invasive way to measure glucose

But Tokyo-based Quantum Operations Inc wants to get ahead of everyone. The team says it has a bracelet that can continuously monitor a person’s blood glucose through the skin, as well as measure heart rate and ECG. Measurement technology is built into both the watch and the strap.

Last year at CES the company demonstrated a prototype. Then they said they still have a long way to go before the accuracy is the same as with traditional devices. The company will return to CES 2022 to demonstrate what they call the world’s first non-invasive wristband-shaped glucometer capable of continuous monitoring. This year, they received the CES 2022 Innovation Award in the Health and Well-Being category.

With Quantum Operation, users will be able to track changes in blood glucose levels before and after meals, as well as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation and more.

“463 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, 1.5 million people die from it every year. We are excited to demonstrate at CES 2022 how our technology can revolutionize the day-to-day treatment of patients. ”