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The Prime Minister’s Dream Building a Knowledge City

The Prime Minister’s Dream Building a Knowledge City
The Prime Minister’s Dream Building a Knowledge City

The Prime Minister Imran khan recently shared his very ambitious master plan of making a dream knowledge city at a university called the Namal University. It is meant to house students, educators and faculty from all around the world and Khan hopes and dreams that it will turn into an educational hub for Pakistan and South East Asia where every resource and lab will be available for people there so they can research and innovate for the prosperity of the country and education as a whole. The university was to be named Namal University and its construction will end by 2027. The Prime Minister’s Dream Building a Knowledge City.

The university or what he calls Knowledge City or Namal University is established in Mianwali. The first phase of construction of this mega knowledge city will end in about 2023-2024, it will house about 900 students and 55 faculty members but most of the construction work will be completed later. The knowledge city is rumored to be equipped with everything a hub or a city should have.

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This ranges from a hospital, shopping centers, hotels a housing colony, hostels for students, faculty, technology parks, libraries, academic blocks, research centers, state-of-the art laboratories, many class rooms, lecture halls, amphitheaters, cinemas and even sources of entertainment. Imran Khan talked about how this dream started in 2005 and he hopes that it will turn into the biggest knowledge city within Pakistan or probably the first one of its kind.

The Prime Minister talked about how it was in a pristine location where students can take recreational and scientific trips to the salt range and also there are roads which take them directly to Islamabad and also to the tribal areas present within Pakistan.

The concept of a knowledge city is taken from various cities around the globe who have specialized and operate on the education sector. These sectors tend to have a large focus on improving, innovating and researching in all avenues of education and are usually state funded. Khan hopes that Namal University too turns into one of these mega knowledge cities and his dream is accomplished.