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The Linux Browser Wars Have Started

The Linux Browser Wars Have Started
The Linux Browser Wars Have Started

Two New Browsers have just been released for the Open-Source Operating System Linux. Microsoft Edge for Linux and Vivaldi both have been released which offer the freedom to experience a Google Free version to navigate the internet. Before these updates, Vivaldi seemed to be a good replacement for Chrome. However, Vivaldi is much more impressive now with its new updates. Before Microsoft’s new browser Edge, Explorer was the only impression. However, it is famously known as being extremely slow and Firefox felt like a better option. Linux browser wars have started.

Microsoft has just updated its outdated Web Browser with an open-source Chromium Web Browser which is used by Google to make their own browser. The new replacement is now available for all distros of Linux. Apparently, it works extremely well on Linux despite a lot of its features still being worked upon. Edge on Linux is especially attractive for individuals who are making the transition to Linux from Windows 10 and would love a familiar face.

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However, Edge on Linux currently does not lack enough features for it to be considered a full featured browser. But its speed and current resource management features are promising. We recommend that you give it some time and let it mature. After that, there is a high chance that Edge for Linux will be available on prime time.

Vivaldi is a browser that has already been established on a lot of platforms and is growing by a huge margin on Linux. It provides users with a very different philosophy as compared to Chrome wherein users have the freedom to make, learn and let the browser understand their browsing habits and search histories and adapt to them accordingly.

Edge connects Linux Users to the familiar Bing Search Bar engine. It forgoes the Duck Duck Go search engine and instead uses its own search engine. Moreover, it does not have the tracking options that come loaded with Chrome and is generally less resource intensive and faster. Since edge has just been launched, its unfair for it to be compared to browsers that have been around for years.