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The innocent threats of the present day, that is, about the senses that go aside

The innocent threats of the present day, that is, about the senses that go aside

Technological development has been breathtaking for over 100 years, but the last decade has been pure madness! Electronic gadgets in the car, kitchen, bathroom, telephone – everywhere. How to live without them? Digital transformation increases safety, facilitates and speeds up work, gives comfort, and brings a lot of pleasure. Unfortunately, it also has side effects. Our activities focus on the ubiquitous screens. At work, we sit in front of the computer, and after work, we find relaxing entertainment … on a tablet or smartphone. It used to be difficult to summon children from the yard, and today – to lure them away from the game console. The innocent threats of the present day.

Digital work

The body and mind must work hard to keep up with the progress of civilization. The senses that have been attuned to the world of nature for thousands of years, and today face something completely different – the domination of digital images and sounds, suffer the most. Sight and hearing are stimulated and heavily loaded, and smell, touch, and taste are neglected. It is impossible to recreate and stimulate these three senses digitally, so they go away.

Think about what has delighted or caught your attention lately? It was probably a unique image (meme, gif, photo), object or melody. It is a pity that it is not a beautiful smell, an amazing taste or a particularly nice touch. We carefully smell, taste and touch when we are children and gather information about the world around us. Then there is a lack of time and sensitivity for it.

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We spend most of our lives in closed rooms filled with machines and electronics. We are a bit like submarine sailors. From birth, they use limited spaces, the lack of sun and the sight of the sky. And younger generations ready for virtual entertainment and social isolation.

Humen body

Our eyes lack the view of the sun setting behind the horizon and friendly people bustling with work or play. The ears, instead of absorbing the noise of trees or the noise of social gatherings, struggle with the sounds of liquid crystal screens. For millions of years, the nose, accustomed to the smell of fresh air, earth and vegetation, rarely comes into contact with natural essential oils, more often with the smells of a big city, full of smog and chemicals. This is not what Mother Nature thought of. We touch each other less and less, and food is less and less reminiscent of the tastes our grandparents got used to.

The rapidly progressing development of the modern world, whether we like it or not, disturbs our sensory balance. And the lack of homeostasis, that is, the balance of processes in the body and mind, can have serious negative consequences.


We cannot let that happen! The solution is as simple as it is pleasant. Let us respect and cultivate the senses, especially the three senses that cannot be reproduced on a smartphone in any way. Let us notice the texture and temperature of the objects we use, let us touch tree trunks. Come take a closer look at flowers, leaves, and beautiful things. Let’s listen not only to music but also to the sounds of nature – wind, rain, birds singing. Let’s taste and smell the food we eat, not just eat it. And let’s dance, swim in the lake, hug the dog, walk barefoot on the grass, bask in the sun and often make love.