The important role of vitamin B12 for men health

The important role of vitamin B12 for men health
The important role of vitamin B12 for men health

The main role of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) in humans is the participation in hematopoietic functions and the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Like other members of the B-complex group, vitamin B12 is important for the normal functioning of the nervous system. The important role of vitamin B12 for men health.

Any deficiency of vitamin B12 can lead to serious disorders in the normal functioning of the body. These disorders are particularly pronounced in men because cyanocobalamin has several very specific roles in men's health.

Maintaining sperm count

Vitamin B12 has an indispensable role in spermatogenesis - the production and maturation of sperm. Therefore, one of the earliest consequences of cyanocobalamin deficiency in men is a reduced amount of semen and the number of viable gametes in it. Vitamin B12 is also important for maintaining sperm motility. Against the background of these roles, it is completely understandable why men who do not get enough cyanocobalamin are at risk of infertility and other reproductive disorders.

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Prevention of mutations in the DNA of body and germ cells

A study of men with high levels of DNA-damaged sperm found that increasing vitamin B12 intake reduced the amount of such damage by more than 35%. In the long run, ensuring optimal intake of the important vitamin can ensure not only enough but also enough quality sperm to maintain a man's fertility. Read more on: The important role of vitamin B12 in men's health

Prevention of premature ejaculation

Too early ejaculation is among the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. Studies among men complaining of this problem show that most of them suffer from chronic vitamin B12 deficiency

Maintaining libido

Although rarely the main cause of libido problems, vitamin B12 deficiency should always be considered as an underlying factor in the occurrence of such problems in men. The connection is explained by the fact that vitamin deficiency can trigger anemia, and one of the key symptoms of anemia in men is a weakening of libido.

Insufficient supply of vitamin B12 in men leads to the appearance of physical, emotional and sexual disorders at the same time. Therefore, the recommended minimum of 2.4 mcg per day should be observed in all men. However, it is not good to exceed this dose often, because an overdose of cyanocobalamin can have a carcinogenic