The important role of Digital Marketing to achieve success

Digital Marketing? That is why today we will give you two very valuable tips. The important role of Digital Marketing to achieve success.

The important role of Digital Marketing to achieve success
The important role of Digital Marketing to achieve success

Roles in Digital Marketing are increasingly in demand and must be more specialized. Digital strategies must be better planned every time so that you have better results. It is important to know all the digital channels in which we can communicate and interact with the user. How much do you or your team dominate Digital Marketing? That is why today we will give you two very valuable tips. The important role of Digital Marketing to achieve success.

Here we will tell you how you can manage Facebook Business. Before we want to tell you that Facebook has 2 billion active people per month and just over 80% register a daily activity. 93% of marketing agencies and companies invest in advertisements on Facebook, in addition to half think about increasing their spending on advertising through their Fan page.

What is a Fan page?

First let's differentiate what is a personal profile and a business profile (Fan page). Staff is the most common and we create it when we sign up for this social network. We add our profile photos, our interests, we add our friends through requests and we get likes for our articals.


 Instead, a Fan page is like the "profile" of a company. Unlike personal ones, fan pages are public and have a number of followers. They can measure the impact of their articals and, most importantly, target their content to amplify their reach. Believe it or not, many companies make the mistake of creating personal profiles to promote their brand.

But¦ What does a Fan page have to do with Facebook Business?

Facebook Business is the platform where you can manage, monitor and control the content of your Fan page

What are the advantages of running Facebook Business?

Your agency, company or individual will be able to manage any number of accounts and will facilitate the organization without mixing profiles, and above all, advertising accounts and payment methods.

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Other advantages that you should take advantage of are the following:

Assign roles: With this option, you can organize your work team, assigning permissions to each collaborator. It is ideal to define tasks for each member or to share it with the agency that is working.

The 5 roles are:

  1. Send messages and artical content on behalf of the page.
  2. Moderate comments on behalf of the page.
  3. Create ads to advertise the page.
  4. View the performance of the page and you can check the performance of the page.
  5. Manage page allows you to control the settings, permissions of the page and the associated Instagram account. You can take any action on the page, see all the activity and performance plus you can manage their roles. This is the highest level of access that can be granted.

Create advertising accounts: With this option you can create a dashboard where you can access the types of campaigns that Facebook offers, in addition to assigning budgets to run the ads.

By clicking the "create" button you will find the types of Facebook campaigns that are the following:

By Recognition

-Brand recognition: Reach the people most likely to be interested in your brand to increase its recognition.

-Scope: Show your ad to as many people as possible.

By Consideration

-Traffic: Direct more people to a destination on or off Facebook, such as a website, an application, or a Messenger conversation.

-Interaction: Get more interactions with your publications, page likes, responses to events and requests for offers.

-App downloads: Get more people to download your application.

-Video playback: Get more people to see the content of your video.

-Generation of potential customers: Enhance the capture of data on potential customers (for example, the email addresses of people interested in your brand or your company).

-Messages: Get more people to send messages to your company on Messenger or WhatsApp.

By Conversion

-Conversions: Generate valuable actions on your website, your application or Messenger.

-Catalog sales: Create ads that show items from your catalog automatically based on the target audience.

-Business visits: Get more people who are nearby to visit your physical businesses.

The famous Facebook Pixel

It is a code that you insert in the specific landing page so that you can track the actions that people take so that you can analyze if your ad was effective.

So the pixel will help you:

  • Measure conversions
  • Optimize your banner ad to increase the chance that a user will perform an action on your page.
  • Create custom audiences to get back to them.
  • Landing page audience statistics.

What do you think? Facebook Business Manager is a great option if you work in an agency or are running a brand. It is a tool that if you take advantage of it, you can properly position your product in one of the most active social networks.

We hope this note is very useful for you and you can enhance your opportunities in the digital market. Good luck!