The first day of school - how to prepare a child for it?

The first day of school is a great experience not only for the student himself, but also for his relatives.

The first day of school - how to prepare a child for it?
The first day of school - how to prepare a child for it

The first day of school is a great experience not only for the student himself but also for his relatives. It associates with emotions such as excitement, joy, but also anxiety or doubt. Check out our article on how to prepare your child for their first days at school and give them full emotional support. Also, find out how to arrange his place to study at home.

First day of school: how to support a freshman before the start of the school year?

The first day of school is usually associated with great emotions. A child may be excited or stressed out by a new situation and may be separated from their parents for hours. For this reason, it is worth starting preparations before the beginning of the school year.

For a toddler, a conversation with mum or dad will be extremely valuable. During it, it is worth discussing issues such as the change in the rhythm of the day compared to kindergarten and kindergarten. The first-grader should be gently aware that the first day of primary school is the beginning of a new chapter in his life and the moment when the fun has to recede into the background. However, it is important to avoid scaring the coming changes.

Parents should under no circumstances say: "When you start school, you will not have time to play", "If you are naughty during class, the lady will write a note to your diary and I will be angry with you" or "If you do not study, then you'll get one. " It is also of great importance to strengthen the child's faith in their abilities and make them aware of its advantages. How to do it? For example, praising them for the smallest successes - a nice drawing, caring for a pet or helping in preparing dinner. Thanks to this, on the first day of school, they will be more confident and ready for new challenges.

Joint completion of the school layette

Completing the school layette is a signal for the child that the end of the summer holidays is approaching. For this reason, it is worth taking care of his well-being and planning joint shopping so that it is a pleasant experience for him. When choosing a backpack for school, lunch box, pencil case, and other necessary utensils, take into account the toddler's taste. If he is to use them with pleasure, it is worth choosing motifs that suit his interests, e.g. a schoolbag with footballers, animals, or heroes of favorite fairy tales. A parent who respects the child's choices shows him that he treats him as a partner.

Ensuring a nice start to the school year

When the school starter kit is complete and the first-grader is fully prepared for the beginning of the school year, it will be a good idea to plan the big day carefully. Waking up at dawn and the stress associated with a new stage in life may not make your child feel good, so you should take care of a positive atmosphere from the morning. For breakfast, prepare your toddler's favorite meal, such as porridge, pancakes, or cereal with milk. Unless there are strict rules related to the epidemiological situation in the facility, the parent may take his child to the cloakroom or the classroom.

The first day at school is a huge event in the life of every child, so it is worth treating it as a holiday and after school, go with your child to the playground, bike trip, or ice cream. By repeating this practice every year, your child will have fond memories of the start of the school year.

Equipment of a study site

Each first grader should have a properly arranged place to study. In his room, therefore, there should be a desk, a comfortable armchair, a cabinet for notebooks and textbooks, as well as a lamp with the light shining against the hand he writes. The desk for the first-grader must have certain dimensions - minimum 60-75 cm wide and 50-55 cm deep. The worktop should, in turn, have enough space to put a computer on top of it if distance learning becomes necessary.

The child should rest their arms freely on it, maintaining a 90-degree angle between the shoulder and the forearm. Parents may also consider purchasing a desk that will grow with their children. There are many different models on the market with an adjustable tabletop that will last for at least several years of use. The desk should be placed in a well-lit place - studying in natural daylight is much healthier and less tiring for the eyes.

An important element of fresher

An extremely important element in a freshman's room is also an appropriate or office chair. In this case, it is worth choosing one that will provide comfort on the one hand, and proper support for the spine on the other - from the loins to the shoulder blades. As a result, the risk of developing an inappropriate articalure in a child will keep to a minimum. The height of the armchair should allow it to reach the floor with its feet.

What else should be found in a learning place for a student who is about to start their first day in primary school? It can be a great idea to hang a magnetic dry-erase board over the desk - the child will be able to write on it his lesson plan, hang drawings, as well as holiday articalcards that will remind him of the nice moments during the summer.

The first day at a new school - ideas for familiarizing a toddler with a new place

Before the start of the school year, some schools organize adaptation days for first graders and their parents. This is a great opportunity to familiarize your child with a new place, visit the classrooms, and get to know teachers and other children. Due to the epidemiological situation in the country, some institutions may, however, give up this idea. In this case, it is worth going for a walk the same way that the child will be taken to school, showing him the building from the outside, the pitch, and the playground. If a child wants to see what the school looks like from the inside, some schools share recordings on social media, enabling a virtual walk through the corridors and classrooms. It also remains to look at the photo gallery, which is certainly on the school's website.

It may also be a good idea to talk about what the first day at your new school will be like. The toddler should know how long the lessons last and breaks between them, when there is a long lunch break, what is the name of the teacher, how to contact teachers and colleagues, how to signal the need to use the toilet, and when to go to the nurse's office or common room school.

A gift for the first day of school - is it a good idea? Which one to choose?

How else can the first day of the school enjoy to a student? It may be a good idea to give him a small gift that will be a kind of talisman for him. Depending on his preferences, parents can choose a small mascot. A figurine with a favorite fairy tale character or a sensory anti-stress gadget. Such a gift for the first day of school, unlike large toys, that a child plays at home. Will not take up much space in a backpack or pencil case. And will certainly provide a stressed toddler with a sense of security and support.