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The development of a 5 year old child

The development of a 5 year old child
The development of a 5 year old child

The five years are marked by cognitive development, expansion of vocabulary and improvement of motor skills Boys and girls of this age are very curious, adventurous and little explorers wanting to know more and more. In turn, his mind develops, his wit is heightened, and his intellect is awakened. Not to mention their newly acquired language skills, they speak and express themselves like the grown-ups! We tell you in detail what they learn and how is the development of five-year-olds, you will find it incredible. The development of a 5 year old child. The development of a 5 year old child.

  • Sensory and motor skills of a 5-year-old boy
  • Language Development in a 5-Year-Old – What Your Child Will Learn
  • What happens in the cognitive area of ​​a five-year-old?
  • How the emotional affect plane develops in 5-year-old children

Sensory and motor skills of a 5-year-old boy

Children at these ages show great agility, so much so that they can do cartwheels, jump, climb, and hoof. They run fast without difficulty and, in addition, have great energy in everything that has to do with exercise.

In relation to the previous point, we will say that they have gained in coordination to pedal a bicycle as well as to kick the ball and direct it to a specific point.

They know how to go to the bathroom on their own, of course, and they also know how to clean themselves, however, nighttime awakenings from leaking pee can still occur. It is a hormone that over time will regulate itself.

Fine motor skills also improve, so you will see that your child already knows how to handle pencil, paint or cutlery such as a spoon or fork and other everyday objects of this type.

Language Development in a 5-Year-Old – What Your Child Will Learn

In this field, a 5-year-old child will be able to maintain a fluid conversation with another person, will have sufficient capacity to understand the relationships that exist between objects and people, for example, in simple phrases such as ‘that girl climbs the slide’ and Furthermore, you will know how to ask ‘what does that word mean’ to everything that interests you and does not know.

He thinks his vocabulary is expanding a lot, so now is the time to encourage reading, to talk to him a lot, to visit the library and museums and the like. He also has the sufficient ability to understand simple verb tenses.

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Another thing to note is that it stores relevant data in your mind such as your home address, your parents’ phone number or the city or neighborhood where your grandparents live.

Progress is made in language and also in writing. He starts writing his name, vowels, simple words, and even writing short words based on sounds. You will see how excited you are when you see him do all this!

What happens in the cognitive area of ​​a five-year-old?

At the level of knowledge and following the topic from before, a child of 5 years, more or less, already knows all the letters of the alphabet, can easily count up to twenty or thirty and can write several of these numbers, also with letters.

Drawing is still one of his favorite activities. Now you know how to represent real objects or people faithfully. Suggest that she draw a girl and you will see that she begins with the head, continues along the neck and traces the extremities, she will not skip anything at all!

If you haven’t already done so, it won’t take long to discover how everyday objects such as television, washing machine, microwave or heating are used. His curiosity is such that he will ask you and pay attention to what you do to learn him too.

At these ages, maybe a little earlier, you already know the rules and regulations that exist at home and at school, for example: ‘no shouting’, ‘no running in the hallways’,’ we raise our hands to speak’. However, he has to test the limits, of course, so he will not always follow exactly what adults tell him.

His imagination is wonderful, he invents things, he tells them and also, sometimes, not always, he will tell lies just for the sake of it and to achieve a specific goal.

How the emotional affect plane develops in 5-year-old children

Now it is time to review the changes that occur in the emotional affective plane of a boy or girl of these ages. As you will quickly realize, your child loves to hang out with his parents but he also demands their space to do things on his own.

Friends have more and more weight, where before they were in the background, now they go to the first. The first real friendships are created and feelings of affection are felt towards some friends. He may even want to look like his friends in some ways: his hair, the toys he has, how fast he can run … that’s totally normal!

On the other hand, you can understand and manage feelings but in your own way, so tantrums and anger may not be under control yet. Remember to give your child the emotional education he needs so that he can grow up healthy in this regard.

Remember that the guidelines that we cite here are indicative, each child follows his own rhythm and what for one is something simple, for another can be a challenge. You do not have to burden yourself with anything or burden your child, that he achieves all this and much more is only a matter of time.

As we have seen, the age of five is marked by cognitive development, vocabulary expansion, and improvement of gross and fine motor skills. For all this and others that you are going to discover below, you have to encourage your child to have some time of undirected free play every day. It is also advisable to read stories to him to continue progressing in this same line. Attention, it will pass quickly and you could miss it!