The best sports games for Android and iOS (iPhone)

If there is one genre that has its place on mobile, it is sports games. Whether realistic or wacky, football games, basketball, rugby

The best sports games for Android and iOS (iPhone)
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If there is one genre that has its place on mobile, it is sports games. Whether realistic or wacky, football games, basketball, rugby, cycling, etc. swarm in the blinds. Find your ideal game among this selection of the best free sports games.

When it comes to free sports games on Android and iOS. You'll find both heavyweight license ports like FIFA and original creations like Virtual Table Tennis. In both cases, you will not have to pay anything to be able to install it and start playing. But free never comes without consideration, the more sophisticated the game, the more in-app purchases are likely to be necessary to be able to progress in the game. Or even essential to reach the top of the tables. Some free games prefer to rely on advertising during the game, sometimes excessively. Anyway, our selection should allow you to have a few good times without paying a penny.

Our selection of free sports games on the Play Store and the AppStore:

  • eFootball 2022 (PES)
  • F1 Mobile Racing
  • Rugby Nations 19
  • Virtual Table Tennis
  • Fifa-Mobile
  • Hockey All Stars
  • NBA Live Mobile Basketball
  • Real Boxing 2

eFootball 2022 (PES)

Platform: iOS, Android, PC and consoles

Editor's note: eFootball 2022 is the latest free-to-play game from the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) franchise, a direct competitor to FIFA 22, which is only available as a demonstration. Downloadable on PlayStation (PS4 and PS5), Xbox (Xbox One and Series), Windows PC (Microsoft Store and Steam) and mobile stores (Android and iOS), eFootball 2022 improves the player experience with realistic animations, a better ball control and improved AI. The game also features new stadiums, teams, and leagues, as well as an updated transfer system that allows for more precise player movement. Additionally, eFootball 2022 includes a new œCo-op mode that allows two players to team up against AI opponents.

The most significant change, however, is the move to a new game engine, Unreal Engine 4, which allows for more realistic lighting and physics rendering. As a result, eFootball 2022 is the best looking PES game to date. Despite these advances, eFootball 2022 is not free from flaws. The UI is still confusing and difficult to navigate, and match commentary is often repetitive. Nonetheless, eFootball 2022 is a significant step up for the PES franchise and is sure to please fans of the series.

F1 Mobile Racing

Platform: Android, iOS

Editor's note: Formula 1 and racing fans, this game is for you. Feel the driving sensation (all things considered of course) of a Formula 1 car and compete against an AI or any player around the globe. F1 Mobile racing is very complete, you will be able to improve your car in every detail and turn it into a war machine. The circuits are simple but remain rather faithful to the real tracks, which contributes enormously to the immersion, very successful by the creators of the game. The sensations are there and the online mode will only increase your competitive spirit. graphics are high quality and very very realistic.

Getting started is also very simple, which makes it a game accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience with video games. We will still regret the absence of a career mode to be able to enjoy the game alone. The solo mode is neither more nor less than a training which is not very interesting. Finally, matchmaking in multiplayer can sometimes be unbalanced and you can end up with unfair people who could affect your race.

Rugby Nations 19

Platform: iOS, Android

Editorial opinion: After football, basketball and hockey, we obviously had to not forget one of the most popular and popular sports: rugby. Who has never dreamed of taking part in a rugby match, without the injuries? Rugby Nation 19 therefore offers you, like Hockey All-star (made by the same video game studio), the opportunity to experience a rugby match, manage your team and win all the rewards by being the best. It is therefore a question of creating your own rugby team and taking it to victory.

This simulator will give you a complete, realistic and fast-paced experience for you to play anytime. On the ground you will have to show tactics to hope to win the victory. Sign the best players in the world and make sure to keep them in shape. Despite everything, the game displays some flaws which sometimes creates annoying game situations for the player, inaccuracies in shooting and an AI that does its own thing to the detriment of you and your team.

Virtual Table Tennis

Platform: Android, iOS

Editor's opinion: Virtual Table Tennis HD is a table tennis game that offers excellent gameplay and beautiful HD graphics. The game engine is powerful enough to provide a smooth experience without too many jumps, and the graphics are crisp and perfect for a high-definition screen. First of all, you will appreciate the well-thought-out gameplay, which is easy to pick up while offering plenty of challenges. There are also multiple game modes to keep you entertained, including multiplayer options so you can compete against your friends in singles, doubles, or competitive play. There's also a practice mode that allows players to hone their skills against a variety of AI-controlled opponents.

Overall, Virtual Table Tennis HD is a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and challenging table tennis game. Perfect for casual and competitive gamers.


Platform: Android, iOS

Editor's note: As its name suggests, Fifa Mobile takes over EA Sport's famous football license and adapts it to the smartphone. The game thus allows you to take charge of a team among the best in Europe, but without the players. Like the Ultimate Team mode on console, it will be up to you to gradually earn resources or cards to recruit the best players in the world to your team. To do this, Fifa Mobile offers you a plethora of small challenges in order to frame a shot in a particular goal area, to avoid the opposing defence or to circulate in a specific area with the ball at the foot.

Fifa Football is well designed and will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the Ultimate Team mode. For others, getting started can be complex, especially since the menus and options are very, even too numerous. Too bad also that the matches are only played in attack and not live against an opponent.

Hockey All Stars

Platform: Android, iOS

Editor's note: Less popular than football or basketball. Ice hockey is nonetheless an excellent playground for letting off steam for a quick game. Developed by Distinctive Games, the studio behind many sports simulations (especially rugby games), Hockey All Stars benefits from a particularly meticulous realization. You are invited to create your own team from scratch, down to the colour of the outfits and the layout of your official arena. We particularly appreciate the excellent handling, with clearly accessible keys to pass or arm a shot. You thus progress in the general classification, by confronting you with all the teams of the league (against the AI, the game is not multiplayer) and by increasing the "income" of your team, as you go. of your popularity.

Strangely removed from the disciplines represented in the Catalogue of the biggest publishers, such as Electronic Arts (to which we owe FIFA or NBA Live), ice hockey finds its letters of nobility here. The realization is high-flying, with precise and realistic graphics and above all a very intuitive handling. You create your own team and you manage its finances as much as its sporting results. Skates on your feet and puck on the end of the stick. Another advantage that gives it a special ad: by progressing in the hierarchy. You unlock new players or new skills, in the form of packs of cards to œtear. Only regret, you will only challenge artificial intelligence and not œreal players.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball

Platform: Android, iOS

Editor's Note: Die-hard NBA fans will be thrilled with the latest version of Electronic Arts' basketball game. NBA Live Mobile Basketball is a perfect homage to the sport and boasts top notch production. Featuring all of the current stars and classic legends. At the start of the game, you are invited to create your own team. Through the opening of a first pack. To complete the players, you will have to multiply the training sessions and individual challenges in order to earn points to start recruiting. You will then challenge other players in a Showdown mode with ultra-detailed graphics and you will participate in live events, until you climb all the ladders of the NBA.

Extremely complete and detailed, NBA Live Mobile Basketball will delight all fans of this sport. We quickly adopt the handling, the left area of ‹‹the screen is reserved for movement and you make passes. Pierce the defence or shoot with buttons on the right. The gameplay is thus very fluid, with very fine graphics and impeccable production at all levels. The game will appeal just as much to statistics enthusiasts. Who will refine the smallest detail of each of their players. As to all those who remain closed to this aspect, with an automatic mode. End of the end, the advertisements are almost absent.

Real Boxing 2

Platform: Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch

Editor's Note: If you're looking for a challenging boxing game, Real Boxing 2 is worth a look. You will face some of the best boxing champions in the world. And you can fight alone or with others in tournament mode. Choose from hundreds of exciting mini-games between matches to earn even more rewards.

Real Boxing 2 also offers a great way to progress and gain access to a large number of unique sports and combat equipment. The expandable and customizable nature of the game allows you to boost your stats and boxing abilities. Giving you an edge in fights. The wide variety of equipment also allows you to have the best chance of winning in any situation.