The best rest: forest noise and singing birds

deserves a moment to escape from computers. A great solution is to relax among nature. The best rest: forest noise and singing birds.

The best rest: forest noise and singing birds
The best rest: forest noise and singing birds

Finally summer and vacation time. After a pandemic year, virtually everyone deserves a moment to escape from computers. A great solution is to relax among nature. The best rest: forest noise and singing birds.

Everyone can find something good for themselves: forest, sea, lake, meadow and even a farmland. You can rest, catch your breath, get to know nature everywhere. There is no need to choose exotic destinations, and instead of overseas travel, sightseeing is enough. The basis of rest is leaving problems with work or school. For some people with a book or with binoculars by a deckchair, for others more active marches and even mountain walks.

As a species of Homo sapiens, we came out of nature. The history of civilization had to come full circle so that we would understand this simple truth and want to return to nature. We begin to understand better and better the importance of green areas, and even individual plants and animals, for the improvement of the mental and physical condition of a person. We see that the responsible use of natural resources is becoming not only a moral imperative, a pleasure, but even a necessity in today's world.

Hence, it is not surprising that looking at nature is growing in popularity - its contemplation or even the conscious joy of taking pleasure during walks and trips. The suggestion to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of civilization, a trip to a national park or a nature reserve is less and less surprising in contemporary psychological and psychiatric therapies. Numerous methods based on contact with greenery, peaceful voyeurism and active recreation in the fresh air are gaining popularity. However, are the same fresh air, the scent of the forest or the play of colors sufficient factors in improving health? Or is it sometimes, indeed, worthwhile, reaching for a bit more sophisticated methods to catch individual elements from the landscape and get to know them better? To support the overall satisfaction of being surrounded by nature by focusing on details: voices, shapes, colors. Plants, insects, amphibians and our favorite birds are suitable for this purpose in a unique way.


Holidays are the time when you need to lower your expectations of nature. Sounds a bit paradoxical. But let's be realistic. It is summer, and that means that the spring courtship, bird concerts and the blaze of flowers in bloom are over. Moments of rest.

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In the case of birds, it is very often the time of feather exchange, called moulting, and preparation for the autumn migration. For us bird watchers, this has a lot of consequences. In summer, birds speak less often, and if they do - then with soft contact voices, plumage loses its contrasts, young specimens can be encountered more often. Then it is more difficult to find the diagnostic features known from the guidebooks and to correctly identify the species. However, let the mentioned difficulties not lead to frustration, but only provide a point of reference. Everyone needs rest - both we and nature. This simple fact must simply be accepted. Then the proverbial battery charging is sometimes more effective. Slowly, without tension, using the sun's rays, which improves the synthesis of vitamin D and, consequently, our mood. Even when it rains, let's enjoy the benefits of nature. Finally, you can walk barefoot on the grass or simply stick your nose to the glass and observe the world. However, it's best to take an umbrella or a raincoat and go for a walk. Binoculars will not be very useful, it's time to absorb signals from the environment with all your senses. The more sensitive will hear the rainy voice of a finch, the calls of an oriole or a cuckoo. The riot of scents is amazing, and the rainbow after the rain can - even though it seems trivial - really enchant you. Even on colder days, it's okay, you just need to dress better. Scandinavians, but also the English, often repeat that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.


It's hard to go to the forest and lie down, just laze around. Even so, sometimes it comes in handy, and the prospect of observing a knocking woodpecker lying on moss or grass is really excellent. You have to watch out for ticks, ants and be patient. However, this is another stage of nature contemplation. Before that, it is better to wander a bit. Try to tag trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and birds, even if they are difficult to identify. For those who want nothing difficult, maybe a little. However, it is worth trying, because small rewards and joys are what also determine the quality of our rest. The list of pro-health gains is.