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The benefits of donating to charity

The benefits of donating to charity
The benefits of donating to charity

Donating to charity has suddenly seen a huge decline in the recent coming years. People have started to become extremely selfish with their money and they feel like donating to the less fortunate does them no benefit except the fat that they lose money they could have spent elsewhere. This lack of empathy and sympathy by individuals who are able to donate is due to many reasons. It can be attributed to the general rise of professional beggars or scammers and also by the general depth people share with individuals who are less fortunate.

Firstly, there has been a huge rise in the beggar mafia or individuals who are professionally sent to places to beg. This has created a lot of distrust between the general public and those present on the streets and have thus made people donate less and less. While this is okay, people also forget that there are genuine cases out there beggars or not who need their help and attention.

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By generalizing every beggar as a professional, individuals have now understood the fact that almost all of them are professionals and thus donate to no one. This is not a good mindset. Secondly, the benefits of donating to charity are immense. It increases the amount of respect one has for their own selves. It makes individuals feel happy and grateful and be much more kind and humble to the less fortunate.

It also gives people a valuable lesson in modesty and not showing off constantly and explains to them the importance of giving back once in a while in order to remember how much better they have things compared to most other individuals. Moreover, due to a lack of general empathy between people, it is very beneficial to teach children the benefits of donating to charity.

Children should be taught by their parents from a very young age that charity is extremely important and giving back to the needy should be a part of their daily routine and they should be as charitable as they possibly can be while also maintaining a level of respect and love.