Be Great with HiOS, TECNO HiOS 8.6 Global Launch

HiOS 8.6 is the perfect continuation of TECNO's ethereal, fluid and smart brand aesthetic. Every aspect embodies €œBe Great with HiOS€.

Be Great with HiOS, TECNO HiOS 8.6 Global Launch

TECNO HiOS 8.6 was officially released worldwide, with an inclusive and customizable design, rich features, and strong performance.

HiOS 8.6 is the perfect continuation of TECNO's ethereal, fluid and smart brand aesthetic. Every aspect embodies œBe Great with HiOS.

What you get is a fully upgraded experience together with a refreshing UI and a great set of new features. Based on the Android 12, HiOS 8.6 brings a more well-rounded experience that fuels your creativity and lets you challenge the conventions of greatness whether in work or life. Come with me, let's meet the new HiOS 8.6.

HiOS 8.6 is designed to provide you with a visual aesthetic that brings harmony to your screen. The innovative interface redesign brings the awe and grandeur of nature to life. Flow from one screen to the next with heightened enjoyment with enriching icons, graceful contours, and immersive themes.

These finely tuned gradients create a perfect sense of depth in the display, while the integrated Blue engulfs the user in a panoramic view much like an idyllic lake.

Alongside a more minimal approach with rounded icons and better fonts, HiOS 8.6 comes with refreshed animation effects that reflect a life-like response to touch with gravity and superb animation effects.

The latest animations added to the UI mimic the ripples of water and make the overall touch interaction smoother and more interactive. You will experience bounce effects across the UI while opening apps. Each tap is like touching a raindrop. HiOS 8.6 users will be even more comfortable and effortless for all the things that our users love to do on their TECNO devices.

From everyday uses like messaging and browsing the web, to playing immersive high-quality games, all distractions are stripped away, and it is much easier for you to focus on what really matters.

Next, let's continue to see what powerful technological functions in TECNO HiOS 8.6.

  1. Photo Video

Photo Video makes it easy for you to seamlessly combine your favorite photos into carefully curated videos to remind you of the good times in just a click. Just select from your gallery, pick a template and you can easily make mini blockbusters by turning your images into short videos as many times as you want. So, next time you are unsure what you want to artical on social media, simply use Photo Video to create videos from your App Gallery.

  1. Video to mp3

    While watching a very interesting movie, the soundtrack or the music is something to fall in love with. With this feature, you can turn that interesting part of the video to mp3 and use it as ringtone in just a second. Very fast and easy to use.

    3. Video Editor

    Contents, contents, and contents is what the world is currently consuming on daily basis- especially, video content. On HiOS 8.6 of CAMON 19, an inexperienced user can be a pro with the video editor. The upgraded feature gives users the ability to fine-tune, trim, merge, add a soundtrack, and export in high quality while creating more and more content on the go. The interesting part, you can choose a template and have the magic work for you. Apply different filters and it saves to draft automatically in case of any sudden interruption. This video editor has made production easy, fast, and professional.

    4. Camera Pro Mode

    Emphasis on a creators' journey on the new CAMON 19 cannot expatiate enough without a one-on-one experience.

    HiOS has taken the further step by introducing the professional mode to the camera features.

    This gives the user a very wide control over the camera settings from ISO, White Balance, Exposure, and many more.

    Enjoy seamless and precise settings according to your need, a professional experience brought by a professional camera, and maximize your talents.

    5. RAM Extension

    Just wow! Imagine a room where instead of taking things out to have space, you're adding more to create space.

    Say no more lagging in gaming experiences, app processing, and faster smartphone experience.

    This feature enables users to extend the RAM size on their device and maximize the full use of what a smartphone is all about.

    You can extend it to an 8gig RAM, an extra 3gig to make the experience even better.

    6. Smart 5G

    What is technology without speed and intelligence?

    On CAMON 19 comes the all-powerful 5G experience. There is a significant reduction in power consumption - Intelligently select 4G/5G network based on traffic bandwidth while reducing power consumption in the following scenarios:


-Standby mode

- Video playback

- Instant messaging

- Mailing

- Audio playback

- Web browsing

  1. Optimization experience in weak network

HiOS optimization experience in a weak network boosts your Download speed with wifi by 300% and your internet speeds by 45%. So you can keep your momentum going and your mental reserves fresh for the task at hand. And with a 40% video playback refresh rate, you don't have to worry about video buffering or slow downloads.

  1. Master of Language

HiOS 8.6 brings you the ability to read and speak any foreign language in one touch. Master of Language is your personal interpreter. A language expert you can take on your business or pleasure trips. So, whether you need help reading Asian characters on your business trip to Japan, or getting your wine refilled during your tourist visit to France, Master of Language will have you covered.

  1. App Twin

App Twin is the best assistant for your social circle. With it, you can run two social accounts simultaneously and switch between different social accounts fast and smoothly. This simply means you can have both your work social media account and your private account logged in on your phone. Keeping a balance between your work and life.


  1. Smart Scenes

Smart Scenes will give you updates and reminders so you can keep up with what matters to you. So while you are enjoying mum's birthday cake, you can just take a glance at your screen and Smart Scenes will give you all the match updates and statistics. Whether it is important dates, Business trips or meetings, Flight information, or Birthdays, you won™t have to manually set reminders to be reminded of what™s important. If you are traveling, Smart Scenes will be with you from the point of buying your air ticket to point of taking your flight. Reminding you of flight times, the weather, traffic situation, and so on. What™s more, Smart Scenes will intelligently learn your habits and will randomly push operation skills to help you get a more efficient user experience. Welcome to the smart life!

We hope you join us to be great together and enjoy a more seamless mobile life. Let's look forward together to even more greatness from HiOS in the future. There is a lot of fun to explore in the new HiOS 8.6 and we invite you to experience it for yourself.