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Food pyramid, how to eat properly?

Food Pyramid this is one we’ve all seen at some point during the school years, but we’ve never been able to follow properly, or at least the vast majority of people do. The food pyramid is designed to make food more correct. Simplify the...


7 tips to realize weight in a very healthy manner

Today, more than 1.9 billion people in the world are obese. Many cannot even imagine that there are other people who want to gain weight! This can also be a real challenge for many who are under the normal healthy weight, especially if they want to...


Egg diet

Achieve very good results with the egg diet. It has one important advantage over most fast weight loss diets: you will not feel hungry, unhappy or deprived of pleasure. The secret of the egg diet lies in how eggs interact with the other important...

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How to protect children vision

Children are great imitators and they learn by observing their elders. With healthy eyesight a child’s learning and social development boosts. It is highly important to maintain their vision. Eye specialists recommend getting a baby’s eyesight...