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Why the Pakistan-Australia Test trophy named Beno Qadir?

The Beno Qadir Trophy between Pakistan and Australia will start from tomorrow. The trophy has been named after the legendary cricketers. The trophy, introduced by the Pakistan Cricket Board and Cricket Australia, has been attributed to legendary...


We suggest how much RAM you need in your laptop

Determining the desired specs for a new laptop (or upgrade for an existing one) can be difficult. It is known that you want to spend as little as possible without losing the functionality of the equipment. One of the key elements you will have to...


External Hard Drives for Mac

External drives connected to the Mac work differently than they do to a PC. That is, the purpose is still to store files, but to get there they need to be configured in a certain way. This for a Mac user who has been on the platform for several...

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What are the features of Spotify?

Spotify has recently been launched in Pakistan. It is a music streaming service and is arguably one of the best music websites in the world. Spotify features every artist that is popular and is haven for indie artists and pop artists around the...