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The Secret Behind a Successful Exam

You have participated in class discussions and absorbed words of wisdom shared by your teachers and professors in class. Now it’s up to the proof, all the time you put in the last few weeks will hopefully pay off. However, a lot of preparation...


School vs. everyday work: What changes for you

Future – training – everyday work “But that won’t work later!” “You come to work first!” “You’ll look around quite a bit!” – Everyone gets to hear typical “adult sayings” like this...


Exams, tests, cards … – how to support your child?

Teachers are required to test students’ knowledge and skills in various ways (written assignments, oral responses, other forms of activity such as projects). On the basis of these forms, the teacher gives a summative grade at the end of the...


Exams and examination

There are different types of exams and examination methods. Here you get to know who they are and what the difference between them is. An exam (exam) is a test you take at the end of a course at a university. It can be written or oral. You get your...